Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maytag's 27 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator(MSB27C2XAM) should not be purchased!

Maytag's 27 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator(MSB27C2XAM)  should not be purchased since customer service is dreadful.   I called customer service for a very simple reason, the on-the-door control panel on my new over $1,400 (list price) refrigerator has each button labeled.   Well I have had the unit for five weeks and the button labeled ice is now blank.  Ice has worn off, gone!  Five Weeks!  Water is now more like "ater".   I googled the issue and discovered people have been complaining about the button labels for months.  

I rashly assumed that there were so many on-line complaints that Maytag would have come up with a solution.   Boy was I wrong!  Come back tomorrow to find out why you should not buy Maytag's 27 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator(MSB27C2XAM).
This is what it is suppose to look like, my label is now worn off after less than 30 days of use. 

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