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Friday, June 27, 2014

FIOS A Mistake

Verizon's FIOS is mediocre at best.  It has good picture quality but frankly even in HD I don't see a lot of difference between FIOS and Comcast quality.   On-Demand on FIOS is a sad and not funny at all joke.   I browsed a wealth of shows on Syfy tonight and all were pay per view.   I am astounded that I could not use the mobile ap to find a free movie.  Even doing a search for free movies only gave me movies with Free in the title.

The number of networks available for OnDemand on the mobile AP is also pathetic particularly compared with Comcast.   Totally disappointing.

The number of  TV shows available OnDemand on the normal TV is equally pathetic.  Well not as pathetic but compared to Comcast it does not compare.  Defiance on SyFy had three episodes listed tonight.   Checking other shows, the number available on FIOS is dwarfed by Comcast.

I am not a fan of Comcast.   I switched to FIOS to lower my bills.  In spite of their promises I have yet to see a lower bill.  At this point I will be switching back to Comcast if I can get their latest promo price.   If they offered the promo price to people all the time, we would not switch.  Seems simple but the wonderful folks at Comcast don't see it.   They keep jacking up the price and then you switch in frustration to another provider.   The sad thing is that the other provider is not only just as bad, sometimes they are worse.

Netflix, ROKU, Apple TV, HULU Plus, Amazon, Google Chromecast are either services or hardware designed to get you your TV.   Review here.

I'm torn between just dropping TV from Fios and getting an HDTV indoor antenna or changing back to Comcast.   The indoor antenna gets all of the channels I normally watch except for the ones that have very limited on-demand from Fios anyway.   This would mean getting a Google Chromecast or ROKU and some service, probably Netflix.  

Arrgghh!  Remember when ALL TV was wireless, you moved the rabbit ears to get better reception or if you were really technically sophisticated you turned the dial on your motorized attic antenna.   What did it cost?  The price of the antenna and the TV.   Sometimes purported progress isn't progress at all.  

BTW I'm open to suggestions.If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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