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Friday, October 28, 2011

Samsung ML-1865W Monochrome Laser Printer with 1200 x 1200dpi Resolution, Black for $56.00 at Buy.com

This is an excellent price for any laser printer.  I sold some Samsung lasers when I had my computer business and they worked just fine.  This price is excellent but keep in mind what you are getting.   It will give great print quality but no color.  The toner cartridge is $59 at buy.com and $63.95 at Staples and yields 1500 pages.   A typical black ink cartridge for a typical inkjet printer yields 400 pages  for a $20.00 cartridge.   Do the math, roughly $80.00 for 1600 pages  vs. $60 for 1500 pages.  Keep in mind that page yield is often considered 5% coverage which is a bit ludicrous.   So in spite of the fact that a laser printer at $56 is a crazy price it may not be a good fit for you.   I did not find any compatible toner cartridges for the Samsung (there may be some, I just didn’t find one.) and I use compatible cartridges for my inkjet printer that cut the ink cost by 50%.   This Samsung is a decent deal but remember ALL the printer vendors are basing there sales model on razor and razor blades.  Give you the printer and soak you on the ink!

ML-1865W Laser Printer Tech Specs1 x Black Starter Toner Cartridge Tech SpecsPlatform Support: PC Tech SpecsPlatform Support: Mac Tech SpecsGreen Compliance: Yes Tech SpecsGreen Compliance Certificate/Authority: Energy Star Tech SpecsWi-Fi: Yes Tech SpecsWeight (Approximate): 9.26 lb Tech SpecsForm Factor: Desktop Tech SpecsHeight: 7.24" Tech SpecsWidth: 13.43" Tech SpecsDepth: 8.82" Tech SpecsHard Drive Capacity: Not Applicable Tech SpecsProcessor Speed: 375 MHz Tech SpecsDuty Cycle: 5000 pages per month Tech SpecsDuplex Printing: Manual Tech SpecsRecommended Use: Plain Paper Print Tech SpecsPrint Color: Monochrome Tech SpecsMaximum Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi Tech SpecsMaximum Photo Print Speed: Not Applicable Tech SpecsISO Color Print Speed (ipm): Not Applicable Tech SpecsISO Color Print Speed (ppm): Not Applicable Tech SpecsMaximum Mono Print Speed (ppm): 19 Tech SpecsMaximum Color Print Speed (ppm): Not Applicable Tech SpecsStandard Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 Zip 4.2 Be Cautious

McAfee Site Advisor says it isn’t dangerous and said downloads were free of adware etc.   I downloaded it today and it tried to put all kinds of crapware on my computer.  It asks if you want it and even when I said no to everything but the compression software it still added an extra program to the download.  As soon as download was complete I uninstalled 7 Zip and it blew out my desktop and I had to manually reboot.  I then uninstalled Net Assistant for Firefox which it had added to my download.  So regardless of what McAfee says, I would be cautious with this program, it may or may not be insidious but it will do it’s best to install software that you did not ask for nor want. 

Sadly it was on the site called addictivetips that had a program for synching Google Calendar with Windows 7.   Windows Live Calendar Gadget may be a fine program but since 7 Zip was on the same page I am now gun shy of anything I would get on that site.   This may be incrimination by association but I’m sick of stuff trying to be added to my computer without my wanting it.  So I will continue to manually synch my Outlook and Google calendar. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kensington K72353US Wireless Presenter Pro with Green Laser Pointer

Ignore the 1gb designation, this is  the memory-less unit.

This is a must have for anyone who does power point presentations.  If you are a gadget freak you are going to love this pointer.  It has a nice matte black finish that feels very comfortable in the hand and it is very light.  The receiver on their other units is also a usb flash drive in addition to being a receiver for the unit.  This unit does not have the flash drive.   I would recommend the 2gb unit as it is actually several dollars cheaper than this unit.  (K72336US)

The laser is green and astoundingly vivid.  It was bright and precise at 100 feet in normal lighting.   In a dimly lit room I am sure it would be useable even further away.  

In essence you could put a rather large presentation on the flash drive and only carry 1 piece of equipment with you besides the computer.  Kensington did this right.  It even comes with a very small zipper heavy nylon case that's padded to protect the pointer.  A suggestion to Kensington would be a slot in the case large enough to carry 2 spare AAA batteries.   It would provide a little peace of mind for Murphy’s law interventions. 

The instructions are basic pictographs. You really couldn't get any simpler.  The unit moves the Powerpoint slides forward or backward and turns the presentation on or off.  This allows you to have the ability to point at your slides and move them all with the same unit. This may seem pricey but it certainly is a good purchase and would be a great gift for the person who uses power point presentations.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Etonic Golf Shoe Update, A Changed Mind!

I posted a critical review of Etonic golf shoes on July 10th.   I was unhappy with my shoes but particularly unhappy with my customer service experience.

On October 15th I received an email from the CEO of Etonic World Wide.  He expressed his dismay over my experience with his company's shoes and asked for my phone number so he could call me to discuss it.  

On Monday October 17th Tom Elwell and I conversed for 45 minutes and were on a first name basis at the end of the call.  Tom Elwell is a CEO who truly believes in his company.  One of my complaints was there was no phone number for customer support on the web site.  There is one now.  Tom also told me he had contacted an employee, who was on vacation, to find out why there had never been any response to my emails.  Here is a CEO who is working for his paycheck.  He didn't hand off handling a concern to an underling, he communicated to me himself.  Tom believes in his product and  now I know he also believes in customer support.  

I think everyone can accept that a defective product can slip through quality control.  What incenses me and perhaps many of you is not being heard.  I can accept an apology, I can accept an excuse but I can't accept not being heard.  Tom Elwell heard me, responded and has regained a customer due to his assurance that his company not only wants to provide good products, they want to provide good customer service as well.   

So Tom, you heard me and I heard you loud and clear.  Etonic you have a good hand on your helm.   Tom, thank you for reaching out!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pillsbury Egg Scrambles Score

Once again I diverge from my title of Money Saving Tech Tips.   Eggs are not too technical.   I am a big fan of breakfast.  (some may say I am just a big fan of food)  I am not a big fan of lots of dishes and clean up.   This new product from Pillsbury appeared in the frozen breakfast section of my local supermarket.   Always willing to sample new breakfast items, ok willing to try practically any new food item, I bought a couple.

The package is a microwave in the bag type.   I like those, one less dish to clean and it is kind of green in you are getting a dual purpose use out of the packaging.  I suppose if you are living in a frat house you could up that to a tri-purpose thing and eat right out of the bag saving both cooking and serving dishes.  

The pricing was better than the Jimmy Dean Delights I often eat.   The calories were slightly higher, 300 vs Jimmy’s 260.   I found the end product appealing looking and even more important quite tasty.   I thought it was flavorful and didn’t need as much of my green Tabasco sauce as I usually cover packaged egg products with.   I was a bit concerned about the cheese sauce as it had the appearance of cheese in a can but it turned out to be more than palatable. 

This is worth trying if you are a breakfast person who wants to avoid a lot of cleanup and hassle.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interplak Swj1 Sonic Water Jet, White

This water jet form Interplak is a vast improvement over their model WJ6RW.  I liked the sonic aspect although I am not sure exactly what that might be.  It felt like it accelerated the pulse of the water jet but regardless it felt cleansing.  The little drawer under the motor was also a nice feature.  All the little attachments could easily get lost without that convenient storage.  I felt it worked as well as my WaterPik which is what I went to after my disappointing experience with the WJ6RW.  The pause switch worked better than the one on my WaterPik.   This unit performed to my expectations and I would recommend it.  I am always amazed at what comes out of my teeth after I have flossed and brushed and then finally used a water jet.   So I recommend using a water jet and I think you would be pleased with this one.

With that said, I would recommend they add an additional standard water jet tip.  The aforementioned WJ6RW had two standard tips and luckily they fit this unit so I will have one and so will my spouse.   This unit is noisier than the WaterPik, not annoyingly so but it is nosier.   The packaging on the WJ6RW was a matching Styrofoam mold type that securely held the unit.  The packaging on the SWJ1 was cardboard and it did work.  I don’t know who played soccer with the delivery but the Amazon box was worked over and thusly the packaging on the SWJ1 was crunched up a bit.   The interior cardboard kept the unit from being damaged but the Styrofoam on the old unit seemed like a more secure method of avoiding damage.  

All of that taken into consideration I would give this water jet a five star review. I did receive this unit at no charge to review it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

3 Money-Saving Tech Resources for Small Business Owners/Consumers

This is a guest post by Mariana Ashley with some very good information.   Thank you Mariana who guest posts for links, seems like a fair trade when the posts are this good. 

Small business owners and entrepreneurs, aside from having ambition, typically have one thing in common—limited capital to launch their endeavors. Maybe that's why so many are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs by ordering less office supplies and hiring non-paid interns.  But where you shouldn't cheat yourself on is with technology—it has the power to help your business flourish. Thankfully there are some free resources you can use to help run your business and help you keep a few extra bucks in your pocket. Consumers looking to save can use these resources too. That said, continue reading to check out these 3 money-saving tech resources.
1. Free Software—In order to keep organized, writes letters, formulate invoices and monitor inventory, you'll need good spreadsheet and word processing software.  While the go-to-choice is typically Microsoft Suite to handle these matters, often times it costs a small fortune to purchase—currently the set price is $279 for two PCS. Open Office, on the other hand, is an open source application suite that functions similar to Microsoft Suite—it gives users access to word processing, spreadsheets, slides and graphics to use in their presentations. It's pretty basic, but for the price (free) it works wonders.
Anti-Virus Software is also something that is needed. After all, you don't want to make yourself vulnerable to a virus or hacker—you could lose all of your documents or give hackers access to sensitive information such as credit card numbers. But again, anti-virus software can get pretty pricey. But there are some software companies that offer basic anti-virus protection for free. Our favorite is AVG.
2. Free Remote Data Storage—Because you might not have a permanent office and currently switch from laptop to desktop, it would be a good idea to set up a free account with a remote data storage site. These sites allow you to access important documents from any computer and hold way more documents than a portable USB device. And since you essentially have access to all of your documents anywhere that has internet, you can boost your productivity levels. The best part is that if something unfortunate happens, like your computer crashes or get's stolen, you've already backed up all of your documents, images and videos. Our favorite free service is DropBox.
3. Free Locating Technology— If you own a business that is revolves around you visiting clients homes or traveling to remote destinations, you can save a couple of dollars by not investing in a pricey GPS system and use Goog411 instead—it's a free service for smart phone users that executes commands via voice-activation—it can look up addresses, the nearest restaurants, find you a tow truck, etc. Even if you have the internet on your phone, typing and driving at the same time is still really hazardous. This service will also immediately bring up a map of your final/desired location. It's recommended to save the number on speed dial for easy access.
Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing,she loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to mariana.ashley031 @gmail.com.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MS Snipping Tool Vs. PDF

I recently found the snipping tool in my accessories on Windows 7.  I put it on my tasklbar and started using it.   It allows you to clip anything you can see off of your screen.   The resulting image can be saved as HTML, jpeg, gif of png.   I found the clarity every bit as good as the pre-captured screen.  

PDF995 is the software that I have installed that lets me print anything and save it as a pdf.  I use it to store invoices, make labels etc.   It works fine but I have noticed that there is a clarity differential  between the screen that is captured as a pdf and the original screen.  

Compared side by side I see an appreciable difference in clarity with the MS Snipping tool over PDF995.   MS Snipping tool comes with Windows 7 and is in a rationalized thought thusly free.  PDF995 cost me $10.00.   Free is good and in this case it is not “gooder” it is better.

MS Snip

 Money Saving Tech Tips