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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sex in the 70's

Bar Refaeli is the face of Hurley

Sex in the 70’s was less stressful since the STD acronym hadn’t been coined yet. Unprotected sex didn’t kill you, it made you go for treatment but you lived and successfully procreated years later. Today unprotected sex seem like it leads to sure death and destruction. Kids today have more choices and face far more consequences than those of us who somewhat aimlessly floundered through puberty and beyond. Advertising has sexualized our children younger and younger. I buy clothes for my granddaughter and some of the stuff I see is just sleazy, totally inappropriate for a toddler and it gets worse as they get to the preteen years. In the 70’s, children were pretty much left to be children without a lot of pressure to be the next Brittney Hilton. The free sex of the 70’s frightened the establishment so much they came up with the abstinence only plan, forgoing education on practicing safe sex and we have more disease, unwanted pregnancies and problems than ever. Porno was on the big screen, at drive in movies (what are those?). Now porno is on the little screen, the net is the vendor of choice for the porn industry and it is more pervasive than ever. So overall, sex is still sex and really hasn’t changed a whole lot, ever.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Truly Cheap (Inexpensive) Ride, A Hyosung Motorcycle

Harley owners, leave the room, as well as Suzuki, Honda, BSA, Triumph, Yamaha etc ad nauseum 'cause you aren't going to want to hear this. I had a couple of bikes when I was much, much younger. They were very fuel efficient and I loved them. Admittedly after laying one down one time due to my incredibly stupid tail gating of a semi, I had reservations about their safety. I survived and I still have reservations about two wheeled safety. Mostly I worry about the village idiot in his suv or pickup who ignores the annoying motorcyclist that is on his road.

Regardless of safety, the economy is pushing people to two wheeled vehicles for basic transportation. The operating economy is obvious. In most cases purchasing a bike has become an incredibly expensive proposition. Harleys are probably averaging $18,000 plus. I don’t have any friends who have gotten one for less than $20k. You have to ride a long time and put on a lot of miles to justify that size expenditure for fuel economy. Of course most Harley owners and other big bikes are buying for fun not for economy.

Hyosung is the first company I am aware of that has made a real attack on the economical ride market. Yes, there are plenty of scooters out there and real men do ride them, but many of us still have masculinity issues with our rides. Scooters are economical but image wise they suffer. Hyosung has three true blue, motorcycles for under $4,000.00. They look like $15 or $20k bikes. They are, gasp, only 250cc engines. A real man needs at least a 1000cc motor to salve his ego. Balderdash! The 250cc does everything legal you need a two wheeler to do. I do not have one, but I have a family member who is a convert. He is also annoying the bejabbers out of some of his pals since he paid so little, gets such good mileage and has such a good looking bike. At my age, I won’t get back on one, not because I don’t feel I can handle it but cynically I am scared spit less by the sheer number of mindless nimrods I see behind the 4 wheel vehicles. However if you need a exceptional looking ride, have a modest budget and are willing to brave the roads on two wheels, you should definitely look at these babies. Check them out! Also right now they are offering one year of free gas to new buyers, of course with the mileage they get that won’t cost them much.

Specification & Capacities
Full length(inch) 89.3
Full width(inch) 31.5
Full height(inch) 42.9
Ground clearance(inch) 6.1
Wheel Base(inch) 59.1
Seat height(inch) 27.55
Dry Weight(lbs) 341.7
Engine Engine system 4 storke Air/Oil cooled
Number of Cylinders 2 (V-Twin)
Displacement(cc) 249
Cam shaft DOHC 8 VALVES
Carburetor MIKUNI BDS 26
Starter system Electric
Horse Power 25
Transmission Clutch Wet Multi-Plate Type
Gear Box 5 speed
Body Tire (Front) 110/90-16 59S
Tire (Rear) 150/80-15 66S
Suspension (Front) 35mm Telescopic Folks
Suspension (Rear) Dual Shocks
Brake (Front) Single Disk
Brake (Rear) Drum
Capacity Fuel tank(gal) 3.7
Warranty Year 2

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A time trip to the 60’s!

I have been blogging about the 70’s and reminiscing. I got a link to this video today from a friend. It is a 1960’s retrospective. If you close your eyes, the music alone is terrific but the video presentation is worth watching as well. I’m not sure what trigger music pulls but there are few things that are so successful in dragging you back into time. I got no alerts from any of my protection software so I think this site is safe. The presentation is well worth watching.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Google Easy Profit SCAM? You Decide!

Very slick email that looks like it is related to the real Google.
Succinctly, they supposedly offer a free CD, end up billing your credit card and you have the hassle of trying to get out of it. I know I was un-easy when I got their email, it just didn't look or sound right.

Here is a blogger that has already addressed this issue.


Don't fall for get quick rich schemes and you will have your Money Saving Tech Tip of the Day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tearing out your hair over AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition?

AVG Anti-Virus Free
Major Update Problems
If you have been having problems updating your AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition, you are not alone. One has to wonder whether the current update problems with the AVG Free edition is based on their interest in getting paid customers or an inability to solve a problem. I have noticed the problem for over a week which is computer time is roughly a decade. My innate cynicism has to question why they can’t solve their update issues. As good as I think AVG is, without updates it’s functionality decreases exponentially.

Avast is a very good choice if you want to change to another free Anti-Virus. I put it on my wife’s computer over a month ago and have had no issues with it. I wasn’t able to get AVG to download to her computer and finally said, “I don’t need this stinking aggravation”, and changed her to Avast. I read quite a few reviews and Avast came up as being highly regarded. So far so good, so if you are fed up with the AVG upgrade issues try Avast. Click on their name to go to their free download page.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Naked Truth of the 70's

There is no naked here but it got your attention didn’t it. There seems to be a lot of nostalgia about the 70’s. If you lived through the 70’s and say you remember them, then you weren’t really there. Kinda like a Who concert, if you remember it, you probably saw it on TV. Somehow there were actually 22 million people at Woodstock, if you believe all of us old timers who claim we were there. I wasn’t, but I could have been. I had a ride and didn’t take it. Sleeping on the ground at that point in my life meant that I was too drunk to get home. Later as a Boy Scout leader and a picture of sobriety and responsibility, I again slept on the ground. Frankly the camaraderie of the Boy Scouts was a lot more genuine than many of my hippie friends in the 70’s. Even today we celebrate the hippie culture.

Drugs were rampant in those days but seemed far less destructive that what is currently on the street. Ironically enough you could buy marijuana on the street in Panama City in 1939 and still can today. An addictive personality was addicted then and is now. Our prisons are full of non-violent folks who would be better served by therapy leaving more room to accommodate the violent sociopaths. Drugs were a problem in the 70’s and they continue to be a problem today. Frankly we haven’t learned a whole lot in the ensuing 38 years. Watch for more nostalgia.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Frequent Flyer Miles Gauntlet

Recently USAirways sent me an email telling me that I haven’t flown enough lately so I was going to lose all my Dividend Miles unless I would pony up $40 per account to keep them. I knew these guys were in trouble but really, use them or lose them. So a couple a days before the deadline I tried to book a flight. Different shades of color on their calendar indicated what days you could get a flight with the miles you have. Some days were blacked out, can’t use them then, usually around holidays. Ok, that is understandable.

Then some days you can use the miles but you have to use double the regular miles to get those premium days. Why they are premium is your guess. Then you try to find someway to fit your miles into their schedule.

I finally found some dates I could live with, not happy with, but live with. I inputted the data they wanted, height, weight, eye color, sexual preference, first grade teacher, ad nauseam. Put in my Dividend Miles number, put in my wife’s and then got a message I don’t have enough miles to do this. I look at my total, I look at their total and I go..Huh? Can’t find an answer on the web, I tried the 800 number, push here, push there, shove it up there and finally got a dead line. Tried again, same result. Found the Web Chat feature. After a few minutes got a helpful soul who said that you can’t book both flights since it only looks at one account’s miles. Don’t know why they provide a spot to input her account but what the heck.

Go out and try and log into her account. Won’t let me. No matter what data I enter it slams the door on me. So again I call the Dividend Miles 800 number and keep punching buttons until I get a very helpful person who proceeds to find my reservation, hooks my wife up with the same flights and all in no more than 10 minutes. Then she tells me she is going to bill me $25.00 because I made the reservation on the phone and not online. Whoa, hold the horses Nellie, I called the 800 number for Dividend Miles help because I couldn’t get online. You volunteered to help me and now your charging me. No thanks, cancel that. She offered me the web support number and wished me luck.

I called web support, explained what I was doing and got a sympathetic response. Another geek I guess and we geeks do stick together. Anyway she said that the zip code I was using was wrong. The mail we get telling us about our miles uses the zip code I was using. The account uses that zip code but to log on I need the zip code from when we opened the account. Our zip code changed a couple of years ago. My confusion since we do get the mail to the correct zip code and I had the most recent in front of me was enhanced by my new geek friend telling me they must have multiple data bases. Any self respecting geek would pull out their hair if they don’t do any kind of error correction over multiple data bases but why in the heck would they have multiples in the first place escapes me.

I used the old zip code, got in, got the tickets and then donated the balance of the miles to good causes which was the only thing that made me smile through the entire TWO HOUR ORDEAL.

Gang, I’m no dummy, I spend hours surfing each day, I can get around programs and sites pretty well. Somehow two hours seems ASTOUNDINGLY LUDICROUS. Well now that I have vented, it is clear to see why the airlines in general are in trouble. They don’t know the meaning of customer service, convenience, speedy transactions or they don’t care. Think of me while I am standing in line on my flight, probably to pay to use the non-first class porta potty after drinking the beverage I brought on myself since nothing in the air is free any more. Oh for the days when flying was fun. Frankly as much as I hate to drive, even with the price of gas, I will be avoiding the not so friendly skies as much as I can.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nintendo Wii Zapper

First you need a Wii then you add the Zapper. I am a Wii fan and I don’t even own one. My boys have Wii and I have a ball playing games with my grandchildren on the Wii. Since my kids had the first cybercafé in the area, I got to experiment with a lot of the cool kid related stuff. So for all you old Atari gamers out there, the Wii is a whole different level. I can bowl or play tennis with my 4 year old grandchild and race cars with my 10 year old. The Zapper adds the ability to point and shoot. It comes with software that has some strange looking skeletal creatures that you can shoot as they crawl out of the sand or even stranger looking ones that conveniently put targets on their chest. The price is right, $20.00 in many places. It works very well, you put the remote in the Zapper and it becomes you ticket to all sorts of shooting games. Yes, you shoot things. When I was a kid I had all kinds of toy guns and I have yet to succumb to any kind of mindless shooting spree. I tried to limit my kids exposure to guns and they built guns out of their Legos. I am not encouraging anyone to shoot anything or to run out and buy a real gun, but I am stating that I don’t think your kid is going to turn into a monster if he plays shooting games, on the computer, around the neighborhood or on the Wii. You parents, it is your job to determine if they become obsessive and your job to deal with that. The vast majority of people playing with shooting games and the above Zapper will never be any kind of threat to society. This as a conclusion on a blog about a cool new toy is a measure of how weird our society has gotten.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get Money For Your Old Cellular Phones

Watching Good Morning America’s tech segment recently, Becky Worley mentioned a site called http://www.flipswap.com/.

She mentioned that you could send your old cellular phones to FlipSwap and get paid for them. I wrote down the site address and logged on. It was very simple and I mailed out my old cell phones today. I hope to get paid. I guess I felt reasonably comfortable since the site was mentioned on GMA and one suspects they check out the sites they mention, prior to publicizing them on their show. No fortune will be made in selling your old cell phones unless you have a couple of hundred of them. My three old phones will net me a whopping $35.00, which is still better than them sitting in my drawer collecting dust. FlipSwap also pays the postage so what they quote you is what you get. Needless to say, if I don’t get paid, you will hear about it here but ever the optimist.

This is the link to the GMA website that details the show where FlipSwap was mentioned.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Paid Blogging, So Far A Bust

Last month I wrote a blog on whether you can maintain an ethical perspective and review or recommend a product or site. Perhaps I should have also asked if those who supposedly pay you for these blogs actually have the ethics to pay you. Creamaid was where I signed up and for whom I wrote a blog. Near as I can tell, Creamaid is either defunct, fraudulent or grossly incompetent. (I know say what you mean.) I got butkus back from them, feedback, money, nada.

Maybe that means that my blog doesn’t draw enough folks but leaving me blow in the wind is just plain rude let alone incompetent. So I have done more research and I see that there are more sites out there that pay for reviews.

I am looking at Netrix , an internet marketing blog and clicked on an ad for sponsored reviews which took me to a blog called Everybody Go To.

Hyder who writes the blog reviewed Sponsored Reviews and Review Me. Hyder, (wonder why so few folks who blog use pseudonyms and or no last names) likes both of these paid for review vendors much better than Pay Per Post. I guess they have both paid him. Anyway, I will be trying these two and let you know what I think. Click here if you want a refresher on my initial blog on ethics and paid blogging. Obviously I feel you can have both ethics and get paid.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Verizon’s Bogus Claim for Best Network

I have a Samsung Flipshot phone and Verizon service. I got the Flipsot for the 3 megapixel camera which although it sounds pretty good, the photos are still pretty lame compared to my digital cameras. The theory was that I don’t always have my camera with me but I almost always have my phone with me. Anyway, I don’t take many photos with the phone due to the poor quality of photo. You can see the difference in quality from the 5 megapixel digital camera to the 3 megapixel phone. The phone aspect isn’t all that great either but I can’t blame the phone for the poor cellular network.

My big frustration is the Verizon service. Apparently I live in a dead zone to Verizon. I get no signal in my home and an occasional signal if I stand outside on one foot with my left hand pointed to the north star. Verizon, of course, tells me there is a really good signal just over the hill north of me and if I was closer to their other tower I would get a good signal. My buddy lives several miles closer to the other tower and he too can not get a good signal. In addition, this phone or the service, since I have never been able to determine which the problem is, periodically sends my calls directly to voice mail. I hear no ring or I hear one ring and before I can get the phone open, it has sent the call to voice mail. Verizon first claimed that it was my custom ring tone. When I used one of their mediocre default ringtones, surprise, nothing changed. I still, periodically, have my calls go directly to voice mail. Verizon’s always so polite technicians have said they have reset the number of rings to maximum, although this to has been to no avail. Everyone is always concerned, very polite and totally impotent to solve the problem.

Interestingly when I go to the Verizon web site I am often asked to fill out a survey about how I like their vaunted service. You can imagine that I have been brutally frank regarding my dismay over their lack of signal, again to no avail.

I have wondered whether the Flipshot was the problem on the direct to voice mail issue. I haven’t found any complaints about that on line. As far as the signal strength is concerned, my wife has a Motorola phone with Verizon service and she gets no signal either.

I have pretty much given up talking to Verizon. They are always nice, friendly and totally useless in regards to solving the problem. I now will impatiently wait until my two year contract is up and move to another vendor. I will be diligently surveying my friends as to their signal strength when they are visiting and will choose what ever provider really does have a good network. Of course, this issue casts doubts on the Verizon claims for Fios as well. If they are blowing smoke about their great cellular network, how much smoke are they blowing about Fios?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Flip Video Way COOL!

I like to think I am staying in touch with all the cool gadgets coming onto the market even though I am no longer in the computer business. Of course I like to think I can still dunk a basketball and that I am suave and debonair. What I think and reality are not always on the same page.

The Flip Video camera never hit my radar until my grandson showed me his. At his age of 10, technology holds few mysteries, it is just, how soon can I get it. He started using the camera less than 5 minutes out of the box and has been having a roaring good time with it. Once again, the premise that good tech has to be expensive is wrong! This is inexpensive, wonderfully useful and good for all ages not just kids. He says the software works well, I have not seen that yet. The image and sound with his various Lego productions has been fine. The built in USB connector seems sturdy and obviously useful. This gadget looks to be a great gift. Check it out!

LCD Screen
1.5" (diagonal)
1.5" (diagonal)
528 x 132
280 x 120
Transflective TFT (for bright daylight)
Transmissive TFT
640 x 480
640 x 480
640 x 480
1/4" VGA CMOS sensorLarge 5.6 µm pixels for maximum light sensitivity
Light Sensitivity
Very high sensitivity (>2.0V/lux-sec) with automatic low light detection
Video Compression
Pure Digital Video Engine 2.5
Pure Digital Video Engine 2.0
Pure Digital Video Engine 1.0
Frame Rate
30 frames per second (constant frame rate, progressive scan)
Average Bitrate
4.0Mbps (auto-adaptive algorithm)
2.8Mbps (auto-adaptive algorithm)
Video Format
Advanced Profile MPEG-4 AVI
White Balance & Exposure
Auto-adaptive white/black balance and exposure
Lens Type
Fixed Focus (1m to infinity)
Fixed Focus (0.8m to infinity)
f/2.4 (fast lens for great results in low-light environments)
Smooth multi-step 2x digital
Internal Lithium-Ion Rechargeable**
2 AA Batteries (1.5 Volt AA Alkaline, Energizer(R) e2(R) Lithium,or 1.2 Volt NiMH rechargeable)
Up to 4 hrs of use between charges
AA Alkaline - Up to 2 hrs of use***,Energizer(R) e2(R) Lithium - Up to 5 hrs of use***
Charge Time
Via computer USB port - approx 3 hrsVia Power Adapter - approx 2 hrs
Camcorder Functions
Touch-sensitive capacitive buttons
Easy-press buttons
Power-up Time
Less than 4 seconds
4 to 7 seconds****
Power Saver(Auto Shut-Down)
Play All Function
Pause, FF/Rewind, not on all models
Set Date/Time Function, not on all models
**** Power up time depends on amount of recorded content
Additional Specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D)
3.94" x 1.97" x 0.63"
4.17" x 2.16" x 1.25"
4.12" x 2.25" x 1.25"
PC Connection
Built-in flip-out USB arm (up to USB 2.0 speed)
Speaker; Built-in speaker; Microphone
Built-in, wide-range, omni-directional
Built-in, wide-range
TV-Out; NTSC (cable included)
Built-in Flip Video Program
Min. RequirementsWindowsMac
Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, Windows XP SP2 with 512MB of RAM, or Vista with 2GB of RAM, and USB port Power PC G4 1.0 GHz or Intel Core, with 512MB of RAM, OS X Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5, and USB port
Online Sharing
Unlimited private video emails or video greeting cardsDirect Upload to MySpace, YouTube, or AOL
Unlimited private video emails or video greeting cardsDirect upload to YouTube or AOL
Video Editing
Video truncation (set start/end points)Create a custom Movie Mix, including 6 movie styles
Still Photo
Snap still photos from video
Software Update
Automatic and on-demand online updates

Go to their website to see the differnt models. I get no money, kickbacks, freebies etc. from this company.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Steelers Beat the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v Pittsburgh Steelers

No money saving tech tips, just the begining of one of my favorite seasons. Living in Eagle territory it is often difficult to be a Steeler fan. The Eagles are my 2nd choice and a lot easier to get on TV in this area. However growing up in a steel town, working in a steel mill, cutting your teeth on the Steeler legacy predisposes you to the black and gold. So HooHa! Steelers and nice try Birds, I will enjoy watching you both and if by some miracle we can get an all PA Super Bowl I will be happy for both my teams.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Safeway WaterProof Bandages—Aren’t

I recently discovered that the Safeway brand of waterproof bandages are not waterproof. The Water Protection Adhesive Bandages that are advertised on the box as ideal protection for swimming, showering and washing the dishes don’t do any of that well. In the box of 30, one inch bandages I didn’t have one make it through a shower let alone swimming. I emailed their customer service and was told I could return them for a refund with my receipt. I suppose I have the receipt some where but I had already used 25 of the 30 bandages. You go through them rather quickly when they fall off after getting wet.

I emailed them back and suggested that they look to their manufacturer for the product since there could be a quality control issue. I am obviously not going to buy another box to determine if this box was a fluke. I guess this is another slap in the face to the generic brands. Sometimes they actually do perform well and others they fall off when wet. So buyer beware, if you want a bandaid (copyrighted name of bandage) that is waterproof, DON’T BUY THE SAFEWAY BRAND.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cabling Do It Yourself Hazards

I recently read an article in Popular Mechanics discussing the disgusting things the author had run into while crawling through a crawlspace in an old house. An easy to relate to article for my former techs who had to pull cat5e cable through some particularly hazardous crawl spaces. One week they might be pulling cable through the crawlspace in a 200 year old farmhouse with spiders the size of computer mice and the next they were on 30 foot ladders hanging onto steel beams for dear life.

If you are going to do diy cabling plan ahead. If you have walkie talkies break them out. The headset variety are very handy since they keep your hands free. We experimented with the g.i. joe version years back. Do your best to keep your cat5e cable away from a.c. cables and most definitely try not to run them over fluorescent light fixtures. Get a good, bright lantern or flashlight in order to see the skin puncturing obstacles in your way. Wiring one business we found we had to go above three old ceilings before we got to any open space. Needless to say a dust mask is another must have tool. Try to keep your curves gentle while laying the cable. Kinks are not a good thing. If you run into impossible runs, check out my blog on the network adapters that use the AC lines for conductors. That can save a lot of work and of course there is always wireless. I can almost guarantee that you will have a definitively kinder attitude to techs who have to pull cable after your DIY experience.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Butt Kicking Price on a Wireless G Router

TRENDnet TEW-452BRP 108Mbps Wireless Super G Broadband Router is a winner this week for best price.

I’ve had good experience with Trendnet products plus I like their 3 year warranty even though I have never had to use it. Wireless G still has a lot of life left. Most of us have a mix of wireless technology so a G router isn’t likely to slow you down too much unless all your other gear is N.

I’m running a G and I don’t see any issues with speed when I am on my laptop compared to when I am on one of my desktops that are hardwired. My uses don’t put a lot of stress on the network though. Internet access is my primary use of the wireless and that works just fine.

Buy.com has the $69.99 router for $48.99 minus a $25 rebate and free shipping. A price of $23.99 for a brand name Wireless G router is a slamming deal. Grab one if you need it and no I don’t get any money from buy.com or Trendnet.

The Wireless Super G Router is the cornerstone of your IEEE 802.11g wireless network. Capable of speeds of up to 108Mbps, the TEW-452BRP built-in AP facilitates seamless wireless communication between your devices. The units router enables you to share a single Internet account with multiple users, while its 10/100Mbps 4-port switch gives you the flexibility to support wired Ethernet connections. With WEP and WPA-compliant encryption protecting your information, youll be able to share files, Internet connections, and other resources with the peace of mind you deserve. Other security features include a SPI firewall.
Package Contents: TEW-452BRP ;Multi-Language QIG;CD-ROM (Users Guide);
Power Adapter (5V, 2A);RJ-45 Cable (1.5m/5ft.)
2x the speed of wireless g* with wireless data speeds up to 108Mbps
Stream videos, download files and play games wirelessly
Create a network in minutes with Easy-Go installation
A double firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Network Attached Translation (NAT) protects from Internet attacks
Advanced wireless encryption ensures data security (up to WPA2-PSK)
Enjoy higher speeds and wider coverage with Super G XR (eXtended Range) technology Compatible with wireless b and g products 4 x 10/100Mbps Local Area Network(LAN) ports and 1 x 10/100Mbps Wide Area Network (WAN) port
Supports up to 253 users Supports MAC Address, IP, URL, Protocol Filters, Domain Blocking and firewall access rules Built-in traffic control with Virtual Server and DMZ Additional security from enable/disable SSID and password protection Supports Static and Dynamic IP routing Supports IPSec and PPTP Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through sessions.
Flash memory for Firmware upgrade, save/restore settings, and traffic logs
Easy local and remote management via Web browser. Indoor range of up to 50 meters (depends on the environment). Outdoor range of up to 450 meters (with XR technology: depending on the environment) 3-year warranty

Tech Specs
Management Easy Management via Web Browser (HTTP) and Remote Management
Flash Memory for Firmware Upgrade, Save/Restore Settings, and Traffic Log
Interfaces/Ports 4 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X LAN
1 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X WAN
Connectivity Media 10/100Base-TX Twisted Pair
Expansion Slots Not Applicable
Manufacturer TRENDnet
Package Contents TEW-452BRP 108Mbps Wireless AP/Router
Multi-Language QIG
CD (User's Guide)
Power Adapter (5V, 2A)
RJ-45 Cable (1.5m/5ft.)
Manufacturer Part Number TEW-452BRP
Status Indicators Power; System;Link;ACT
Wireless Technology IEEE 802.11b/g
Additional Information Supports Static and Dynamic Routing DHCP Server Feature Allocates up to 253 Client IP Addresses. Supports IPSec and PPTP VPN Pass-Through SessionsTraffic Control with Virtual Server, Virtual PC mapping and DMZ
Supports Cable/DSL Modems with Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, or L2TP Connection Types
Supports Super G and XR (eXtended Range) Technology Data Rate up to 108Mbps
Range for Outdoor of up to 200 meters (without XR), up to 450 meters (with XR)
Receiving Sensitivity:
11Mbps 10 - 5 BER @ -85 dBm (typical)
54Mbps 10 - 5 BER @ -70 dBm (typical)

Security SPI firewallPassword ProtectionSupports MAC Address, IP, URL, Protocol Filters and Domain BlockingProvides Additional Security with SPI / NAT firewall and Attack Alert via emails
Manufacturer Website Address www.trendnet.com
Data Transfer Rate 10Mbps Ethernet
100Mbps Fast Ethernet
Antenna 1 x Printed Antenna Internal
Compatibility Compliant with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux and Mac OS
Dimensions 1.26" Height x 4.65" Width x 7.87" Depth
Antenna Range 98 ft to 164 ft Indoors
Up to 656 ft Outdoors
Up to 1476 ft Outdoors
Frequency Band/Bandwidth 2.412 GHz to 2.484 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g ISM Band
Certifications & Standards FCC CEWi-Fi CompliantIEEE Standards:IEEE 802.11b (11Mbps)IEEE 802.11g (54Mbps)IEEE 802.3 (10Base-T)IEEE 802.3u (100Base-TX)IEEE 802.1x
Access Method CSMA/CA with ACK
 Money Saving Tech Tips