Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Buying Maytag's 27 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator(MSB27C2XAM) was a bad decision..

Purchasing Maytag's 27 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator(MSB27C2XAM) is a bad decision..
I called customer service and was told due to an unusually high number of calls my wait time would be 10 minutes. (That was a clue, high volume calls, hmm lots and lots of complaints) 25 minutes later I got a very cordial woman from the great state of Tennessee who asked if she could help me.   I told her about the labels, gave her model number  MSB27C2XAM  and serial number.   She put me on hold and after 10 minutes came back and said that since I hadn't called within 30 days (I called on the 37th day)  Maytag would do nothing about the problem.   Maytag considers the problem cosmetic and therefore they will do nothing.  

Now I realize that button labels do not impact the cooling ability of the unit.  However the attitude that they have a known issue and have not done anything to remedy it bodes evil for any functional issue.  If Maytag can't handle a cosmetic issue, what will they do if the unit has a functional issue.   It truly is sad to see a great American brand so lacking in their interest to keep customers happy.  I will repeat, the fridge keeps things cool, the freezer keeps things cold and I do get ice.  What worries me and saddens me is if Maytag's interest in customer satisfaction is so minimal on something simple, what can I expect on something major.  My own dumb fault, I bought four brand new Maytag appliances at a fairly hefty price and it is daunting to think it was because I erroneously thought Maytag still valued customer satisfaction.   (no wonder he is crying)

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Had this exact same issue, and same response. Actually, she first blamed it on being a floor model at CostCo, despite the fact I bought brand new and CostCo doesn't have floor models. Then she went to the cosmetic excuse. Will not buy from them again.

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