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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Zoomer Playful Pup, Responsive Robotic Dog with Voice Recognition & Realistic Motion, For Ages 5 & Up

This is almost too cute.   The puppy moves and hops and barks albeit in a robotic manner but nevertheless it is endearing.   This is going to be a hit for the holidays.   The controls are a bit cumbersome but not impossible.  The charging cable is in the box and would be very easy to lose on Christmas morning as it is not highlighted in any way.  I would recommend getting the dog out and removing all of the tethers as the kind of thing that makes kids crazy on Christmas morning, the wait to get the toy out of the box.   Saying there is an instruction “book” is generous.  It is a piece of paper.  I saw no instructions on how to charge.   It is somewhat obvious with the USB C cable to use but some not of charging would have made sense.  Overall my reaction to the toy was very positive.
Perhaps the best part of this puppy is no tinkle on the carpet.  
From the vendor:
·        Responds to touch: meet your new BFF! zoomer playful pup is an interactive dog that responds to your touch! give your pet, snuggles, cuddles and belly rubs and he’ll “woof” in delight!
·        Responds to voice: using sophisticated voice recognition technology, playful pup can learn his name! give your new best friend a unique name and this pup will come when you call!
·        Learns 25+ tricks: using playful pup will learn and perform over 25 tricks! use voice command to train your puppy to Lie down, shake a Paw, beg, play Dead and more!
·        zoomer playful pup is an interactive toy for kids aged 5+. USB charging cable included. Bring home your new best friend!
·        Includes: 1 zoomer playful pup, 1 USB charging cable (wall adapter not included), quick start guide, instruction book

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Coolqiya Canvas Tote Handbag

Coolqiya Canvas Tote Handbag Laptop Shoulder Bag Business Work School for Women
This is one of those uni-age bags. It will be well received by students who want to tote their laptop to those who are just looking for a big, well-constructed bag.  It is a nice looking bag with lots of pockets.  It received accolades from my bride so that says it all for me.

From the Vendor:
Material: Canvas Fabric, PU leather.
·        This tote bag is casual, also strong enough to carry your laptop. With foam padding for bump and shock absorption to be shockproof and protect your laptop.
·        The handbag bag has nice laptop dividers right in the center of the bag, and oversized, you can hold 15.6 inch laptop inside and put in your folders, purse on the other side.
·        It may be annoying to carry multiple bags but you don't need to anymore if you have this bag. The little pockets to easily keep your belongings organized, like cell phone, daily essentials.
·        The straps is sturdy and comfortable too, that won't dig into your shoulder. 6 months warranty.

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018

Hyperlite Super Garage Light

Hyperlite HB-HH-150W-58 Led High Bay Shopping Light Fixture UL/DLC Certification 5' Cable with 110V Plug US Hanging Hook CRI>80Ra 20,250Lm 120° Wide Beam Angle 5000K, 150W-20, White

This is a terrific light.  It is crazy bright and lights up my two car garage beautifully. It comes with a hook and a safety cable.  I like the safety cable as the light is heavier than I expected.  I hope to hit a stud with the ceiling hook but with a large molly bolt and the safety chain on another molly bolt It should be fine.   I have to rewire a ceiling light to a socket to plug this into the ceiling but I tested it from the wall and it is really bright.  Another plus is since it is LED it should last a really long time.
From the Vendor:
  • ∮ Premier LED Lighting – Backed by 20,250 lumens, our high bay led lighting features a 120° beam angle that covers more space with higher CRI and produces clearer, more color-friendly light to reduce eye strain.
  • ∮ Energy-Efficient Performance – Offering up to 50,000 hours of run time, our LED high bay light offers dimmable brightness to help you set the perfect tone, highlights, or visual comfort in any setting.
  • ∮ Versatile Home or Commercial Use – These dimmable high bay LED lighting offer premium lighting and can be used indoor and outdoor, including your home like your back porch, patio, or garage, or warehouses or factories.
  • ∮ Quick & Easy Installation – Every high bay led ligth features a hanging hook, 5’ cable, and 3-prong plug to make it easier to hang from the ceiling or install in the corner of a room and keep it safely secured.
  • ∮ Trusted 5-Year Warranty – Each Hyperlite led high bay lights is UL IP65, DLC, and FCC approved and offers lasting safety and reliability backed by a 5-year warranty to cover any defects or quality control issues.

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Stand Wireless Charger, AIRGINE QI

 Stand Wireless Charger, AIRGINE QI Certified Fast Wireless Charger Charging Pad Stand, Compatible for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8
Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, S8/S8+, Note 9, Note8 (No AC Adapter)

This is a confusing review to write as I like the product and it is working just fine.   However the documentation tells you when you power it up you get a red light. I got no red light, I got a blue light. It tells you that a green light will flash when you put your phone on the charger.  I got no green light. It says when the phone is charged the green light goes steady, again I have only a blue light.  My phone seems to like it.  I have a waterproof case on the phone and it charges with no issues through the case.   With my previous QI charger I had to have the phone precisely aligned for it to charge.  This charger seems to work well with out being overly precise.  So my experience is good but the documentation seems to have little to do with the actual charger.
·        Universal CompatibilityQI wireless charger with two charge modes, 10W fast wireless charging mode for Galaxy S9+, S9, Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5 (Need QC 2.0/3.0 adapter); 5W Standard wireless charge mode for iPhoneX, iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus and all other Qi-enabled cell phones. For iPhone series, charging experience of 5W of charging stand is more stable than 7.5W in the market. Standard charging mode supports iPhoneX, iPhone8, iPhone8+ and all other Qi-enabled devices.
·        Safe ChargerAdopted with exclusive technology of Automatic Temperature Balance, wireless charging speed is up to 15% faster than others; With overcharge, over current and overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection and bottom anti-slip silicone seat, your phone is fully protected during wireless charging process
·        Easy to useCheck if micro USB cable connects with wireless charger pad stand stably. Site phone on the center port of wireless charging stand. Charge your phone vertically or horizontally on qi wireless charger stand.
·        Stand designCustomers can charge their phone vertically or horizontally, which means they can enjoy movie and music, making calls or sending messages without interrupting while charging.
·        Sleep-friendly and Case-friendlyWireless charging pad stand works with most kinds of cases (No metal, No magnetic, thickness within 0.2 inches). During charging, the LED light is off.
If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Scary Computer Stuff--Try a Password Manager

Scary stuff on Halloween seems appropriate.  I recently got an extortion email.  Some miscreant had gotten one of my old passwords most likely through one of the highly publicized data breaches that have occurred over the last year.  Said idiot threaten to pillage my finances, crash my computer, sully my reputation by spoofing my presence on porn sites and trashing my social media.   To prevent this catastrophe all I needed to do was send money through bit coins to the address in the email.  They even instructed on how to get bit coins and threatened even dire consequences if I called the cops.   They said they were overseas so local cops couldn’t touch them.  (Although they could be sitting at the local Starbucks.)

I googled extortion emails and the third hit was nearly word for word the email I received.  My first thought was who buys into this crap.  Then I pondered the sheer volume of emails that go out daily trying to extort money and realized that even a tiny success rate could provide a reasonable income to these criminals.  

In a way I need to thank that criminal because I hadn’t done a password inventory for a couple of years.  Done as you add passwords is simple but wait a couple of years and you have hundreds of passwords to evaluate.  It took four plus hours to go over every password and change any that had been unchanged for too long.   There are password managers out there that can help.   Google password managers. This is on list of password managers that are highly rated.

Bottom line here is don’t reuse passwords and don’t succumb to the email threats that you will undoubtedly receive at some point.  I suggest a password manager and a good list to start is in the link above.  There are a wealth of unsavory characters out there who want to steal your money, your good name and just wreak havoc for havoc’s sake.  Don’t make it easy for them.

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