Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch 1 Razor 2 Cartridges

Gillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch 1 Razor 2 Cartridges

This is a nice razor but I do not see a significant upgrade from my Fusion power.  I know it is the Fusion Proglide which seems to indicate it is an upgrade but frankly I just didn’t notice a difference.   It gives a good shave but I didn’t find less pull than my Fusion Power.  I didn’t see any more smoothness either.  All in all it is a fine razor but I don’t see it as an upgrade from the Fusion Power.  Perhaps from a plain Fusion it is an upgrade.   

from the manufacturer:

5 Blade ProGlide System + 1 Precision Trimmer
Incredible Comfort - even if you shave every day
 Thinner, Finer Blades glide effortlessly through hair with less tug and pull* * first 4 blades vs Fusion
 Reformulated lubricating strip - with more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil
 + 1 Precision Trimmer Blade. Precision Trimmer, with anti-clogging rinse slots
All 5 blades have Gillette's most advanced coating
Gillette's #1 on sensitive skin
Thinner, Finer Blades with Less tug and pull** **vs. Fusion           

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