Thursday, August 22, 2013

AERO ARMOR Protective Case For Samsung Galaxy S4

This seems like a nice little case but the fit is a bit questionable.  It states that it is for the S4 and it does go on but it doesn't fit well.  The power button is not lined up perfectly with the power button on the phone.   However after starting to write this I decided to fight a little more with the case and the power button lines up now.    The corners are nicely padded and obviously the most logical place for damage to occur.   The back is non-skid and provides a good grip got on the desk, dashboard or hand. Don't be afraid to play with it to get it to fit correctly.  I almost gave up and am glad I didn't.  Now I am happy with it.   The stylus is an unnecessary bonus.  I threw it in my desk with the other stylus that I have gotten.  I guess for some users it would be nice but I just don’t use them.  This does have a little noggie on it that inserts in your headphone jack so you don’t lose it.  That does make sense because where else is it going to go.  I think the stylus will get lost anyway so that’s why I tossed it in the drawer. 
 From the vendor:
·  High tech armor plating design along with Multi-layer construction for maximum impact resistance
·  Silicone material provides grip
·  Stylish with high tech look
·  Corners reinforced with extra bumpers
·  Package include a HandHelditems universal Stylus pen features Soft foamy tip and a 3.5mm headphone jack insert so you never lose your stylus.

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