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Friday, September 11, 2009

Unreasonable Anger, Unreasonable Fear

What has provoked the hysteria over health care reform? Are the insurance giants who are reaping windfall profits bankrolling provocateurs? Is it the drug companies who may find their insane profits diminished? One has to suspect that there is some financial ax being ground that is trying to derail any progress on health care reform. I am amazed at the astounding ignorance of some of the enflamed opponents suggesting there will be death squads promoting the demise of senior citizens. Shouted admonishments of “keep the government’s hands off of my Medicare”, belie the fact that it is the government who is running Medicare. We need health care reform; I’m on a fixed income and under 65 years old. My health insurance premiums are roughly the same as my mortgage and I am lucky. I’m lucky because so far I have been able to pay both. I know too many people who aren’t so lucky. These people are not dead beats, welfare cheats or illegal immigrants; they are just regular people trying to make ends meet.

I am enough of a cynic to suspect that deep pockets of vested interests are financing the roadblocks to health care reform. Listen up people, this is the first time in decades where there may be enough congressional votes to get some health care reform. Call, write or email your representative and give them your feelings on what should or shouldn’t be in the health care reform bill. Don’t let health care reform be “Swift Boated” by the special interest groups.

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