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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fear Mongers Abound!

The President of the United States wants to address the children of the nation. The President of the United States who was ELECTED to his office wants to address school children. GASP—Radical, immoral, obviously a brainwashing plot SCREAMS rabid, foaming at the mouth of radical CONSERVATIVES.

Years ago when I supported Barry Goldwater I was proud of being a conservative. Today, conservative seems to be synonymous with nut-job. Republican Presidents have sent out addresses to the nation’s children and the kids survived. Of course perhaps there was some subliminal message that generated the current crop of nut-jobs, I mean radical Conservatives. The news has shown text of parents complaining they don’t want their children exposed to the words of their ELECTED President. Perhaps if they shared intelligent dialogue with their children they wouldn’t be so fearful of their kids hearing someone else speak.

Take note world, President Obama is NOT the devil incarnate. I don’t agree with everything he says or does but I respect the office of the President of the United States. I didn’t agree with everything President G. W. Bush said but he wasn’t the devil incarnate either. Get a life folks, radicalizing the people you disagree with demeans both you and your point of view. Intelligent dialogue used to be a hallmark of democracy; it is time to return to some semblance of intelligent, respectful discourse. Fanatics, whatever their stripe, never, ever are good for our wonderful nation.


Liggy said...

Hmm...I hope I'm understanding what you're saying and am correct in saying that I'm thinking the same. I didn't watch Obama's speech to the students but I read the text and I thought it was a good idea for a "leader" to address the nation's children. To me, it's not a political thing. It's a leadership thing. Just as parents have to take time to talk to their children about being responsible for themselves, I thought Obama was taking the time to do the same as our nation's leader, regardless of your political association. I don't agree with everything he says either, but I did like the fact that he wanted to demonstrate leadership in this fashion to the "future" leaders of today...our children.

ibdragon said...

You were able to see through my initial sarcasm and recognize that civility is important for civilization as we know it. We don't have to all agree, all the time, but to demean others due to their opinion is contrary to the principles on which our nation was founded.
Thank you for your comment.

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