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Sunday, September 27, 2009

RAM Buyer Beware

Once more I am reminded of the complicated aspects of the personal computer.   Due to the RAM hungry demands of the ever popular MS automatic updates my wife's and my own computer have been slowing down.  I knew I needed pc2100 ddr RAM so I went shopping.   What was interesting was that I found that density is also important in RAM choice.  It appears that high density RAM is considerably less expensive than low density RAM  The only defining difference I could find was that low density RAM is 64X8 and high density is either 128x8 or 128x4.   What was frustrating was that neither motherboard manual said a darn thing about density on RAM but several articles I found said that high density RAM was only suitable for specific motherboards.  I did note that a couple of guys on eBay noted that their RAM was high or low and cautioned that many sellers didn't mention that and no returns for incompatibility.  

After mixing and matching between three machines I was able to get all three up to 2gb but it wasn't easy.  For those of you who don't have access to RAM without first buying it, Good Luck!   Things aren't getting any easier but I did notice that newer RAM was substantially cheaper than the older pc2100 memory.  So maybe you should upgrade sooner than later.

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