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Friday, September 4, 2009

Hoof and Mouse

The old hoof and mouth disease is alive and well. I had a recent paid post that was critical of the advertiser and PayPerPost the facilitator. I took umbrage to the fact that, in my estimation, I had dotted all my i’s and crossed all my T’s and still had the post rejected twice. Being blithely ignorant of the process I leaped to the cynical conclusion that the advertiser was simply avoiding making payment. I did a rant post about the soulless capitalists that were ripping off the humble and oh, so deserving blogger. Keep in mind this was for a $5.00 paid post. That is $5.00 total, not per click, view or anything else. Now $5.00 is not a make or break deal for me, even in this economy. I was taking umbrage on being ripped off. (or so I thought)

Please note, I do periodically do paid blogs and never have done one that I would not have written the same material even if there was no payment.

I got a very nice, much more rational comment on my rant post from Carri at PayPerPost. She pointed out that the advertiser does not shoot down the posts, it is a staffer at PayPerPost who is the buzz killer. She also pointed out that they don’t get paid unless I get paid which means they make every effort to help the blogger make a post that fits the advertisers’ requirements. Since I took down the post rather than make a 3rd revision Carri could not evaluate it herself. I stoutly state (no fat joke intended) that I met every requirement the advertiser required and the post was still rejected twice. I even went to the trouble of verifying the accuracy of the link through multiple browsers just in case good old ie8 was screwing things up. I still feel that the PayPerPost staffers erroneously rejected the post but since I am not willing to prolong an unpleasant experience particularly since it was a $5.00 unpleasant experience, I can’t really blame them too much.

Bottom line, much like sending emails when you are angry or overwrought, you shouldn’t post a blog when you are fuming either. In my weak defense, I was not aware that PayPerPost wasn’t paid unless I am paid. Also you can put in a trouble ticket to PayPerPost to try and get questions answered and if it was for $20 maybe I would have pursued that but for $5 it just wasn’t worth the trouble. To PayPerPost, your staffers should provide greater clarity as to why posts are rejected. This would help in correcting what ever the problem might be. I would tell Carri this but there was no way of returning an email to her.

In closing, even if I would write it for free, I am never going to waste my time on a $5.00 paid blog again. Although it has given me material for two posts so it wasn’t a total waste of my time.

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