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Monday, September 21, 2009

Paid Blogging, Ethical?

I occasionally write a paid blog. It may be on something as strange as maternity clothes or police type shoes. You write a blog, put in a link and get paid for your trouble. Some really popular blogs with big followings can reap some serious money doing this. I am not in that category but wish I was. I have never written a paid blog that I didn’t believe what I was writing.

For example the maternity clothes post sent those who clicked the link to a site that offered some very stylish and reasonably priced maternity clothes. I despair sometimes at how depressed the pregnant woman sometimes gets in regards to self image. My motivation for blogging was that everybody is happier if the expectant mother is happy. The impending Mom, the husband and anyone else in the family is happier if Mom is happy. Clothes can help the self image and if you have never been pregnant or married to someone pregnant or loved someone who is pregnant, you need to understand; sometimes they need help to feel good about themselves. Thus I felt good about writing a paid post that pointed them in the right direction of very stylish, reasonably priced maternity clothes.

The police type shoes site is one my nephew has purchased shoes from and absolutely loves the site and the shoes. So I had no problem getting paid for a blog post that pointed people to that site.

Since I don’t have a blog that generates enough traffic to be offered big dollars for a paid post I haven’t faced an ethical dilemma yet. I hope that if I ever do I can stick to my guns about only writing about things I believe are good.

Paid blogging is getting a lot of negative newsprint lately in regards to the Mommy bloggers accepting large ticket items and writing positive reviews have gotten a lot of press. I have reviewed products on this blog. I have never gotten free product for writing a positive review. No one has sent me cool electronics and said keep them if you write a positive review. Now if any manufacturer reading this wants to send me some cool, expensive gear to keep, I will be happy to review it. However you will get an honest post on what I think about your product, not necessarily what you want me to say.

Here are links to places to investigate if you want to do paid blogging.
Sponsored Reviews
Blog Distributor
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