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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi, my name is Bill and I’m addicted to the Internet

I sit here, enjoying the sunshine, reveling in a relaxed environment and lusting for an internet connection. Admittedly addicted, I was fine for the first two days and when I made my way to the local hot spot and found 90 emails that made their way through my spam filter I was overwhelmed. Do I deal with that much crap every day? Apparently so as I weeded my way through things that were deemed to be significantly important to my spam filter.

Of course one email was from a client that wants a meeting. Generally when I do web sites I have an initial meeting with the client and may never see them in person again. I can update, change and add to their site from any hot spot in the world. I missed a couple of books that came up on my wish list. My other addiction is book swapping. I belong to several book swaps and feel like a little kid Christmas morning every time I go to the mail box and find a book in it. In over a year, I’ll bet I haven’t had three books come up from my wish list on BookMooch. In the two days I didn’t get to a hot spot, two books came up and since they are on a first come, first serve basis, I lost them. Thusly my first addiction, reading which predated the internet by 30 years, was impacted by my second addiction in a negative manner, I missed the damn books!

I don’t find Hot Spots of any kind fitting seamlessly into my style of writing. I like to ponder, sometimes walk around and talk to my self. That is a fast track to arrest and internment in a public place and most of them don’t play any classic rock. It always astounds me how much I miss connection when I don’t have it. I find myself feeling disconnected (duh) and out of touch. I am now going to meander my way to the hot spot, post this and lament that I probably have another 90 emails that need attention.

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