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Monday, January 12, 2009

Airline Luggage Rip-Off, A Possible Solution

If you haven’t taken a flight lately, you may want to keep going in that trend. Funny how quickly the airlines raised their prices, implemented surcharges and luggage up charges when oil prices were high and now that oil is as low as it has been in years, the airlines are still surcharging every thing is sight. I can’t wait for the coin operated toilets. Southwest seems to be able to make money and not nickel and dime you to death. If they are going to where you want to go, I urge you to use them and make sure their competition knows why your are doing it.

I am reluctantly flying US Air for a trip. Southwest doesn’t go there or I would be taking them. US Air wants $15.00 for your first suitcase, $25 for your second and $100.00 for your third. In my case, I don’t need a third suitcase but I sure don’t want to spend $100 for my golf bag. Well, there is a solution. Ship your stuff. I looked into shipping companies that specialize in luggage and they were worse than the airlines. I am shipping my ”second suitcase” (a cardboard box) via FedEx ground for $13.58. My golf clubs are going into a free box I got from my pro and carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to be shipped for less than $15.00. My total for my 2nd suitcase and clubs is less than $30.00 or only $5.00 more than my 2nd suitcase alone at good old US Airways.

So you can get what you want where you want it if you plan ahead and can ship your stuff. As far as US Airways goes, I will avoid them if at all possible just as I will avoid flying anyone but Southwest. I am just sick and tired of being hosed over by big business.

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