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Saturday, January 3, 2009

SSD, 2.5” of Pure Dynamic Speed

They look like tiny little hard drives but they are so much more. The new SSD drives are coming. Today’s hard drives are going to look like the fat boy at the beach compared to the SSD drives. Solid State Drives are far, far speedier and because there are no moving parts, far more reliable. Who among us can claim to have never lost data due to a hard drive failure? SSDs will not totally eliminate failure but will reduce it to the point of non-discussion. They are currently pricy. I found a 128gb SSD at NewEgg for $295.00. I found a 500gb hard drive at the same place for $65.00. Remember though, lasers were $5,000.00 not that long ago and now you can a laser printer for $99.00. SSD is here to stay and we will start to see them proliferate in something beside ipods and laptops, in the not too distant future. Imation has a couple of good white papers at this link if you want much more detail.

Update 4/6/14: 500gb SSD drive for $275 at New Egg, 250gb SSD drive at Amazon for $139.00, just FYI.

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