Friday, April 21, 2017

PayPal Failure

PayPal Failed Me!
I am sad to report that after eight days PayPal tech support had no interest or ability to solve my inability to send payment to an illustrator who happens to live in Bosnia. It appears that there is some hidden firewall erected between December 2016 and now that has shut the door on payments to individuals in Bosnia. In an attempt to determine if it was a problem with my system, I used a VPN and thus a different IP address and that did not work. I sent the money to a relative and they were not able to send the money to my illustrator. Paypal told my illustrator that they have no idea why the money won't transfer. This is a young lady that has illustrated many books for me and I was unable to pay her in the method I have used countless times in the past. Western Union was happy to send the money. The $34 fee was well worth the fact that it took me 10 minutes which included the time to set up the account. 10 minutes and $34 vs. a minimum of 4 hours on the phone with PayPal and multiple emails and messages, priceless 😡

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