Sunday, April 23, 2017

How to FIX Home Group Failure

After a recent Win10 upgrade my Homegroup stopped working.  The computers that not long ago happily shared data, pics and docs now refused to see each other.   Goggling the problem led me to all kinds of useless information.  The solution is actually quite simple. 

If Homegroup stops working, you must turn off all the computers that were in the group and start over.  Go to control panel or network, find Homegroup and it will let you set up a new one but you must have all the other computers in the Homegroup turned off for your main computer to allow you to set up a new Homegroup.   (Main computer can be which ever one you  want to use as your main computer.) When you set the new Homegroup up you will get a password for use with all the other computers.  Turn them on and go to control panel and Homeroup.  It will ask if you want to join the Homegroup.  Go through the questions and be sure to share all that you want to share.  Input the password and after a couple of agonizing minutes it should welcome you to the NEW Homegroup.  

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