Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PayPal Fails

Alas PayPal, I Thought I Knew You Well

I've been using PayPal for years.   Recently I have run into a PayPal wall.

I have tried to send money to a book illustrator for one week. I have talked to several tech support people. I have tried two different computers and three different browsers and ALL of the Paypal options to send this money. I have paid this same illustrator as recently as December for her work. Now sending money to Bosnia seems to be impossible. Is there some government boycott or regulation that I am unaware of? I am mystified as to Paypal's inability to solve this problem. A transaction of less than 5 minutes in December has now cost me hours of my time and damage to my reputation due to my inability to pay for work that was done.

One of PayPal's customer service reps suggested my illustrator invoice me and I pay her that way.  I just  tried to do that and got another error message.

Paypal international payment has a major problem.

 After speaking to my fourth customer service rep today, I am no closer to sending payment to my illustrator who happens to be in Bosnia. I have WASTED 5 hours or more in the last 7 days trying to get an answer as to why a payment will not process. I have gone through the same diagnostic procedure with very pleasant customer service reps multiple times, multiple browsers, multiple computers and multiple headaches. I posted on this page and received a message to message, which I did, a note said immediate response is normal. I got NO response from posting here.

Transferwise is a very inexpensive method of sending funds internationally. Look into it!

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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