Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Itty Bitty Micro Dusting Kit, 8 Piece Tool Kit with Adapter

f you have ever tried to clean a motherboard with a standard vac and it's attachments you will truly appreciate this little kit.
  The adapter worked just fine on my Dirt Devil.  The itty bitty little crevice tool was small enough to go between the vanes on the cpu fan.   The heat sink is often where dust collects and normally all you can do is blow out the dirt which  generally means you are just pushing it elsewhere in your computer case.  There are two sizes of brushes and they too are ideal for cleaning in tight computer spaces.   This is a handy little item and after 25 years in the micro computer business I learned that dirt is a great insulator and dirt on your computer parts can dramatically increase the operating temperature of your computer.  This little kit allows you to get  into those hard to reach spaces and pull the dirt out rather than just blowing it around. 

Digression:Never use your laptop (a true misnomer) on a soft surface as that too will increase the operating temperature if it can't circulate air.  This isn't as much of an issue with newer equipment but was a major issue in the past.   If possible use your laptop on a cooling surface, that will prolong it's life. 

·                        Pet for small spaces in your home, office and car
·                        8 pieces allows for reach into tight spaces
·                        Fits most vacuum brands
·                        Adapter included

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