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Monday, January 11, 2016

Canon MG 5720 Printer

Canon provided this printer for review purposes and posed a few questions.

Vine Questions and Features: 
1) How easy was it to connect your mobile device to printer with Wifi direct?
2) Experience of opening of the box and taking out the printer.
3) Being able to print or scan photos or documents from your mobile device, using Canon Print?
4) The capabilities of being able to print from Instagram, SlideShare or Facebook?
5) Easily print and be creative on your smartphone or tablet through Creative Park.
 1:  It was very easy to connect my Samsung tablet to the printer.  I downloaded the Canon ap for the Playstore and it worked immediately.
2.   Opening the box and taking out the printer, hmm, that was not taxing, not sure why they would question that.
3.   Not a good experience.  I tried doing my printer registration with cloud print and it printed out a barcode and url.  I scanned in the bar code and it said I was registered. I tried printing a photo from my tablet to no avail. I then tried the URL on the printed printer registration form, that said it had expired even though it was done within 5 minutes of printing so.... who knows if this works.
4. Zip don't don't know, couldn't get it to work.
5. Showed up and then disappeared on my desktop.

On to my experience besides their questions.  First I like the separate ink cartridges.  That was always a feature that made sense to me.  Why replace a multi-color cartridge when you can replace a single cartridge.  

Setup took 2.5 hours.  I set the printer up on a desktop, a laptop, a chrome box, a tablet and a phone.   Desktop did not work well.  Don't know why, I had to restart multiple times.  It would not set up with my FIOS wireless router.  It eventually set up with my TP-Link router.  The laptop set up with either one.  The Chrome box set up through the Internet but it got blown out when I printed the printer registration from my tablet.  Frankly the setup is cumbersome regardless of the "easy" connect buttons.   Perhaps it got confused by my three wireless routers but in an office situation there would be far more routers.

After it was setup it now works on the desktop and the laptop.  The Chrome box won't see it and the tablet is iffy.  

Print quality is excellent.  I printed out some documents and some photos using Canon glossy photo paper.

Summary, set up took way too long.   Way way too long!  Printer quality is excellent.  If you are setting up to one computer and hard wire it, you will probably not experience the hassles I did.   I like Canon printers and love their quality but this did not set up seamlessly and I followed the two step set up sheets number by number.   $80.00 at Amazon at time of this review being written.  Even with the troublesome setup, there are a lot of features for a reasonable price. 

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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