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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Practicing Safe Computing in Online Purchases

Online Purchase Protection

I’m a geek, I can’t hide it, in fact I revel in it. I love technology, learning new technology and yes, buying new technology. Much of my buying of technology occurs online. I am skeptical of online security. Daily you read of someone else’s database or web site being compromised. Up until recently I dedicated a single credit card as my online card and used only it for online purchases. Then the credit card company bumped up my credit limit significantly due to my paying the bills on time and not carrying a balance. Now the low limit credit card that I purposely kept low is now much higher than I am comfortable with for online purchases. I have ignored the opportunity to get the one time use credit card numbers as offered by many of the credit card companies. It seemed like it would be more trouble than it was worth. I finally took the time to read through the procedure and discovered I could download a software package to my computer that would allow me to fill the online form and generate a one time only credit card number for that specific purchase. 5 minutes later if I want another purchase it does it again. No hassle and no liability, not even the ubiquitous, your only responsible for the first $50.00 of fraudulent charges, statement.

So it is easy, it offers a nice level of protection which appeals to my Internet paranoia and it is FREE. Why didn’t I do this sooner. Inertia, too lazy to really read the offer, who knows but…since I have done it, I have now recommended it to my family members and now I am recommending it to you. Try it, I’ll bet one of your credit cards offers it as well. It is just one more step in practicing safe computing online in our tumultuous world of technology. And it’s FREE!

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