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Sunday, November 11, 2007

It Only Comes On At Night

Tech Humor?

We had an eye doctor who bought a new computer. It seemed like everything was working to his satisfaction. Several weeks passed and he called to say that his computer was only working at night. We questioned him on it and he said it wouldn’t work at all in daylight but as soon as it got dark it began to work. Not wishing to doubt the Dr. one of our reps went out to check the situation. Sure enough the computer wouldn’t work. Our rep checked the outlet and it was dead. He asked the doctor if it was plugged into the same outlet all the time. It was. Then he asked the doctor if that outlet was on a wall switch. “Sure, the Dr. responded, the same one the light is on.” Mystery solved, he didn’t use the light during the day so he didn’t turn it on, which, of course, meant the outlet the computer was plugged into was dead until night fell and he turned on the light. My tech gently showed him why his computer was only working at night. True story!


Donny said...

Hi,This worries me, only because it sounds like the daft type of thing I would do, like the site and thank you, it is nice to find that there are people who will offer help without expecting to be paid all the time for it.
Much appreciated.
The Web Maze

RetiredNotDead said...

Wouldn't life be dull if we didn't screw up now and then. Helping is contagious, someone helps you and the next thing you know,you're helping someone else. 'Course I have on occasion tried helping someone who didn't want help, but I guess we ascribe that to the screwing up part. Thaks for the comment, I added you as a friend. It appears we have a commonality in our light hearted cynicism.

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