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Friday, November 9, 2007

Obsessive Grandparents & other Photogs.


www.Snapfish.com is a photo sharing site. They handle both digital and film photographs. Sign up for an account for FREE. Then you can upload photos from your computer to their server and share them with anyone you wish. Note that is anyone YOU wish. The photos are only seen by your invitation. You place your photos in albums that you define. Even better is the fact that your invitation is not all encompassing. You can send out an invitation to share for one album and the next album you upload you may not want to share with the same people. You decide who gets to see the photos.

As an obsessive grandparent, I take tons of photos. I would put the best ones up on my web site under a pass worded section. Then I would email my family members to tell them when new photos were up. It was a bit labor intensive. Not horribly so but Snapfish is way easier.

Of course, they try and sell you stuff. They will do prints of your photos for $0.12 each in 4x6 size. That is competitive with the other similar services online. Their larger sizes are equally competitive. In addition they have a wealth of cool items that they will put photos on for you.

I print most of my photos on my Epson photo printer. It does a good job, particularly with Epson brand photo paper. I do it for the convenience sake since I am sure with the paper and ink cost alone I am in excess of $0.12 per photo, let alone amortize the cost of the printer which 3 years ago was over $800.00. Sure I use the printer for other stuff so I can’t really include the printer cost with the photo cost but you see where I am going. Snapfish and other similar services can print your photos cheaper than you can. That’s bad enough, what’s worse is their photos are much better than mine. I don’t know what type of printer they use and I am sure it is a combo of both printer and paper but darn it, their photos are better looking than the ones I print.

We recently had a wedding in the family. I printed out some photos immediately which justify the existence of my photo printing resources. I also uploaded the photos to Snapfish to share with both the people who were at the wedding and the ones that could not make it. Then I had prints of some especially nice photos and some blow ups done as well. They came out terrific!

Snapfish is FREE. It is easy to use. The sharing is one more way I see computers bringing us together rather than isolating us. (Another blog sometime) They are price competitive and the workmanship is very good. You may want to swallow your photographer’s pride and give them a try. I suspect you will be pleased with the results.

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