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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day Tech Thanks

12 Tech Things I am Thankful For

Oh, where to start, my digital cameras allow me to take hundreds of photos of my family, get a few good ones and not cost me a fortune to do it.

My email account that allows me to keep in contact with family and friends that I might feel I should call but never get around to it.

My Tivo which allows me to watch what I want and when I want to watch it.

My PDA which allows me to carry around the list of 3000+ books I have read so I don’t buy the same book for the third time. It also lets me carry a couple hundred family photos and 75 books I downloaded from http://www.baen.com/library/ .

My computers, upon which I labor long hours, frequently over nothing of consequence but make me feel like I am being productive.

My wireless headset that allows me to wander aimlessly about the house listening to U2 and Led Zepplin.

My MP3 powered razor that doesn’t give me razor burn.

My cell phone that allows me to make all of those incredibly important calls such as “do I need to bring home milk?” In reality it gives me peace of mind, starting way back when I had a bag phone in my car and my youngest got rear ended. I got to the scene of the accident before the cops did and I didn’t break any laws. He was ok and I was thankful for that big old bulky bag phone.

My microwave, since I am often way to impatient and hungry to really coork.

My laptop that allows me to pay my bills when I am on vacation.

The internet because I have never found a better place to learn more unnecessary things and kill more time than it. It also saves me serious bucks and lets me see parts of society and the world I would never otherwise see.

Computers and all their wonderful idiosyncratic problems that allowed me to earn a good living for 28 years and retire before all of my friends.

Give thanks every day for the things in your life that make you happy, not just tech but the more important things like the people who love and surround you.

Have a great turkey day and


Let me know what tech things you are thankful for....trust me I know all of the reasons people hate tech, after 28 years of servicing them...I think I may have heard them all.

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