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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Honeywell T83240HB220 LED T8 Light Tube - 32 Watt Equivalent - G13 Base - 4 foot

Confusion abounds in my life. For some reason I thought these were 6' bulbs not 4' bulbs. No big deal as I could use 4' bulbs in the light over my work bench. That became a lot more problem than I anticipated. In moving the light to change the bulbs I noticed the cord insulation was flaking off. That necessitated on rewiring the wall switch to the light as it seemed a definite fire hazard. Once I got everything rewired, I decided to replace the old fixture with a new one anyway. So a simple change the light bulb ended up as a 2 hour project. Eventually I got the bulbs in. The one bulb seems to output at least 50% or more light than the previous fluorescent bulb. The other seems to output roughly the same light. This is why I am hesitant to go five stars when there is such a dramatic difference in light output between the two bulbs that came out of the same two bulb packaging. If the LED tube holds up as to it's lifetime rating, they are worth the price of $20.00 at Amazon particularly as you can drop $15--$18.00 for the much shorter life fluorescent bulbs. 

From the vendor:
·                        FILL ANY ROOM WITH LIGHT INSTANTLY - Honeywell LED tube lamps do not need to warm up before they come on so when you're walking into a darkened room you'll be able to safely see all around you the second you switch it on. This is safer and more convenient than CFLs which have delays before they fully light up.
·                        MAKE SAVINGS ON YOUR POWER BILLS - With a low energy usage rating of just 18 watts, you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills especially if you replace all your current fluorescent tubes. The energy consumption of LED tubes can be over 80% less so it adds up to a huge amount over time.
·                        SAFE FOR YOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED lamps do not contain any mercury so this makes them safer for the environment. LED tubes are also cool to the touch which renders them easier and safer to clean. They are more durable than fluorescent, CFL or incandescent bulbs which reduces the risk of them shattering and injuring someone.
·                        BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE - Your LED tubes will provide you with 1800 lumens of consistent white light when they are lit. This will provide excellent lighting for domestic properties, garages, offices and even industrial premises. To add to their adaptability they are also suitable for use with troffers that have electronic ballasts.
·                        VERY LONG LIFE SPAN - The lifespan of your LED tubes is a jaw-dropping 45 years. Just think of the time you will save not having to change bulbs frequently. Let's not forget how much money you'll be able to save by not wasting your hard earned cash buying bulbs and replacement tubes.

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