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Monday, May 1, 2017

Amped Wireless APOLLO PRO, Long Range HD Wi-Fi Camera (LRC200)

Update I did get a call back from tech support today, 18 hours after I left a message.  They left a trouble ticket so I called and after a short wait got a tech.   I was advised to reinstall the software as that might have a bearing on the lock ups.   The tech was not sure if the camera stores photos on your phone as well as the cloud or only on the cloud.   The user manual wasn't clear on that either but their application does save the snapshots to your phone storage.  I can not find any way to dictate that it save if to the flash card rather than the  phone memory itself.  The shots I took yesterday right before the software locked up are nowhere to be found.  I moved the camera away from my desk and my router.  It is now six feet away from a network extender that is showing a strong signal on my meter.  The camera however is showing a weak signal and black and white instead of color.  The tech said that the quality of the picture including color is directly related to the wifi signal strength.  I am not sure why it is not seeing the network extender.   It uses the same set up as the main router.  Overall it was reassuring that someone did return the tech call but the product still doesn't thrill me.  I will keep working at it and if I get some revelation I will report back here. 

My initial reaction to this camera was not positive.  I had followed the instructions to download the application for my Android phone from playstore. It installed and then asked me to set up an account.   My attempt to set a password was immediately thwarted.  It kept telling me to put in 8-20 characters and I was inputting the correct number of characters.  What it did NOT tell you was that you can not use any special characters.  I discovered this after calling their tech support and hanging up after having been on hold for 21 minutes.   I was just shutting the application down on my phone when I had an ah HA moment and tried a password without any special characters.   From that point forward the installation went smoothly.  

The camera is clear and the ability to record or take photos is pretty simple.  It attached to my network with no hassles.   It does have Cloud recording but only 30 days free with the camera purchase.   They do appear to have a reasonable price for cloud storage.   I did try and log in from my desktop and was told that they only support Internet Explorer and Firefox.   I did download the necessary plug in for Firefox and was able to view the camera live.   You could also look at your cloud recordings and manage them from the browser. 

Once again I am surprised that there is no support for Chrome which is my browser of choice.  Firefox is my second choice so it won't be a major hassle to use it when I want to check the camera from my desktop.  

Overall after the initial frustration with account setup, things went smoothly until I shut the application down and then reopened it.  The software would show a live picture but would not change screens or open any menus.   I had taken two snapshots to illustrate the 10X digital zoom but after rebooting the software, I could not get to them.   This appears to be a work in progress.  I am not impressed with their software.  I got the camera at no charge for purposes of review, frankly if I had spent $189.00 on this I would be most unhappy. 

 from the vendor:
See more with a camera that can be installed virtually anywhere in your home or office. Long Range technology means the camera can connect to Wi-Fi from up to 3X further than other cameras.
With the APOLLO App you can talk and listen with 2-way audio, receive instant notifications when the camera detects sound/motion, watch the HD feeds and control settings from your mobile device.
Relive, share and save all of your videos, from anywhere, with Cloud Recordings that are accessible from the app. A free 30-day cloud recording trial is included with your purchase.
You’ll never miss a moment with Advanced Night Vision that provides a clear view in complete darkness. And you’ll see both near and far with 10x zoom capabilities.
Having any trouble? Give Amped Wireless' free, US based, in-house, technical support a call, email or chat - 7 days a week.

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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