Monday, October 31, 2016

Default Password Warning

Ok scary serious stuff, if you have Comcast Xfinity and use their router most likely the Default password is active. I made the erroneous assumption when the Comcast tech set it up that he changed the Default password. Oops, my bad! ALWAYS change the default password on any of your devices. Here is the link that explains how to do it.
Hyperlink for address above.
If you want to read the story as to why I am hyper sensitive to default passwords read on.

Once upon a time a client of ours had their phone system hacked late one Friday.   There were over 800 calls made to Yemen over that weekend.  The FBI got involved and we discovered that the client had not changed the DEFAULT password on their phone system.   A disgruntled employee at the phone system factory sold the default password and a client list on the web.   The bad guys just called each client and tried the DEFAULT password.  If they couldn't get in, they just moved to the next client.  Our client went through some major hassles to clean up the mess.  Worse who knows if those 800 calls were terrorist or criminal related, considering the country that received the calls is a hot bed of terrorism one can only speculate.  However....

That incident branded my mind with the need to NEVER assume the DEFAULT password is safe.  Always, always change your default passwords.  

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