Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Creativity For Kids Spark!Lab Smithsonian "Invent Super Shoes" Coloring Kit

I just got this today, it is a very cool kit.  I have a grandchild who is quite creative and this will resonate very well with a kid who always wears two different color socks just because he can.  The ability to customize his sneakers will be a treat.  Anything that encourages creativity is great in my book.

·                        PERFECT FOR STEM: (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Integrates concepts usually taught as separate subjects and emphasizes the application of knowledge to real-life situations
·                        EXPLORE IT: Research new shoe trends to gather ideas. Learn the difference between form and function in fashion, and think of ways to incorporate both in your design. Watch your ideas come to life!
·                        SKETCH IT: Use the Spark!lab invention guide to draw out your designs. This helps inventors visualize what they are about to create. Problem solving and creativity in a fun open-ended way!
·                        CREATE IT: Start your journey with over 130 style components. We include canvas shapes, canvas shoe swatches, fabric paint, stencils, reflective stickers and a bonus mini shoe key chain to decorate!
·                        TRY IT: An exciting part of the process! Did your vision comes to life? Are your new and improved kicks exactly what you want? if yes, congratulations! You now know the process of invention

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