Thursday, December 3, 2015

Woods 041453 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with 4-Foot Cord, 1000 Joules of Protection

The right angle ac plug is nice.  The surge suppressor has mounting slots on the back.  It appears to have a fair level of protection.  I'm not equipped to generate a surge to truly test that aspect.  The downside is there is no consideration for the myriad types of power plugs currently out there.  Entirely too many devices still come with odd shaped power adapters and this surge has no way of plugging in an odd shape without covering another outlet.  The price is $11.00 on Amazon at that price range I didn't see more than a couple of surges that had one outlet located far enough from the others to be used with a larger adapter.  This will be fine as long as you are aware of it's limitations regarding plug usage.

A few of the types of power adapters.

Note there is only room for one odd shaped power adapter.  There seems pretty limiting. 

From the vendor:
1000 Joules of protection, 6-outlet, cord length is 4-Feet
Ideal solution for computers, printers, general household electronics, and small home appliances
Built-in EMI / RFI noise filtration - Prevents circuit interference/degradation
Sliding safety covers prevents accidental contact and keeps dust and debris away from unused outlets
$100,000 connected equipment warranty

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