Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lucien Piccard Men's LP-40052M-02S Trevi Analog Display Mechanical Hand Wind Black Watch

This is an attractive watch.  It is hard to find a watch without all the buttons, features and gimmicks.  I'm not a diver and I don't need a watch to be waterproof to 300m.  This is just a watch, no calendar, nothing but the time.  The skeleton style is very popular at the moment.  It is fun to watch a watch.  Overall it is a good looking watch that keeps good time.

The negatives are not a big deal.   First I am guessing but I don't imagine many millenniums have seen a watch that winds.  I haven't had a watch that you needed to wine since my 1964 Bulova.  There was nothing in the instruction manual that showed how to wind the watch nor how to set it.  Pictographs are not always insulting.  A couple showing how to wind the watch and set the time would be nice.  In the interest of accuracy I did call the customer support number and found that the watch wound exactly how I thought it should.  However the 1964 watch had you turn the stem clockwise then counter clockwise through the winding process.  This watch, you only turn it clockwise.  

The other issue was the clasp.  Now perhaps the average buyer has seen this type of clasp before but I haven't.  It took several minutes to figure out. I suspect my bride would have gotten it sooner as ladies jewelry seem to have a wide variety of clasps.   Nothing wrong with the watch clasp.  A simple pictograph would have made figuring it out much quicker.  There was a photo on Amazon that showed the clasp open and , it would make sense to have same photo in the watch documentation. 

I received the watch from Amazon with the understanding I would do an honest review.

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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