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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

FIOS Bait And Switch

It's a good thing I am retired.  I spent close to 3 hours on the phone or on an Internet chat with FIOS representatives today.  I haven't been jerked around that much since the roller coaster at Hershey Park this summer.  Cable in general and in this case FIOS in particular needs some oversight.  A seat mate from France on a flight this summer was highly amused that we pay so much for our "triple plays".  He pays less than $50.00 American for TV, phone and Internet and his Internet is running at more than double the speed of mine.  I was quoted a price in September when I called to complain about the increased lease cost of the "adapter" boxes.  I was told my bill would be reduced if I signed up for a new contract.  The agent told me to ignore the next bill but the following bill would show a $40.00 a month discount.  It didn't!

I called and got another rep who denied finding any notes on my file regarding the discount.  I called again the next day and got another rep who discounted my bill $40.00 and apologized and said next month my bill would be correct.  I got my bill for this month and it was the same as the original bill of the process.  I spent 3 hours trying to find out why no one seems to keep their word at FIOS.  I dropped two of the adapter boxes to cut my bill $15.98 per month.  The woman I spoke to said my free HBO was going to cost me $20.00 now.  I guess that was the penalty for questioning my bill.  I dropped HBO in spite of Game of Thrones.  Note I remained civil on all of these calls in spite of my rapidly rising blood pressure.  I hung up and brought up My Fios webpage which states it has what I am currently paying which was $10.00 a month less than my current bill.   I called back and was told that the bundle price shown on My FIOS page was incorrect.  I found another page stating my current plan price and got the same $10.00 less price.  I was told I was wrong and there was never a price like that.   All the reps said they could not access the page showing me that price so essentially bend over and kiss my behind good bye.  

Oh, during the process of many transfers my call was dropped twice and I had to start the process all over again.  I was told the only way the price on My FIOS page could be verified was to do a chat on that page.  Then they could look at the price.  I did that and the Chat rep told me that the price was before taxes.   I looked at my FIOS bill and the taxes were added after the bundle price that was $10 higher than what showed on MY FIOS page.  So again,  I am fed a line of crap that just doesn't add up.   I looked at Comcast after my calls and found that it would be slightly less than I am currently paying but we all know Comcast isn't any better than FIOS or the other monopolistic connection entities.   

I guess the title here should have been bait and screw rather than bait and switch. 

I am well aware that this is nothing but a rant.  No one at FIOS gives a damn any more than the people at Comcast give a damn. 

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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