Monday, December 7, 2015

Harmony Ergonomics Air Chair, Black

I had initial reservations about this chair as it looked suspiciously like a lawn chair.  It isn't a lawn chair and the straps feel more like elastic than the vinyl straps used on lawn chairs.   I like the open weave as it allows for air flow.  When you are parked in front of your computer with the same frequency as I, you can really crave air flow.   The chair is comfortable and has lumbar support.  The head rest is fine but frankly I don't lean back like that while at my desk.   The reclining feature is equally fine but again, not something too useable for me.   The chair comes unassembled.  The good news is they even include a couple of extra bolts and all the tools needed for assembly.   There is bad news though, the assembly instructions are marginal.   The illustrations need to be much larger and or more detailed.  They are to unclear to be much help.  The assembly is fairly intuitive but I suspect there will be some issues with assembly for those who are not patient or handy.   Overall it is a very comfortable and useable chair and due to the open weave it is far more comfortable in warm weather.  (caveat, if your bride is a light sleeper, this chair does make a lot of creaky, squeaky noises that are amplified when the house is quiet.)

·                        Patented ultra-ergonomic design
·                        Breathable Elastic Premium material
·                        Patented 120° recliner
·                        Large adjustable headrest
·                        Two-way adjustable armrest

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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