Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tomcat Mouse Killer X (Kid Resistant Refillable Mouse Bait Station w/ 32 Bait Blocks, 0.5oz

I have used Tomcat products in the past.  The bait blocks have worked well.   I often see a nibbled bait block but rarely see a rodent.  The rodents I do find are dead.   The bait station is far more child proof than the ones my exterminator uses.   I was unable to get it open until I read the instructions.   I realize the average young child is extremely adept at getting into things they shouldn't but this bait station should thwart them.   The mouse bait blocks are half the size of the rat bait blocks and do not have a hole down the center.  I have used that hole to run a screw through and put the rat blocks on the baseboard of the garage or on a plank.   This product is for the smaller rodents and should be as effective as the larger bait blocks.  

Includes: Refillable Bait Station. Includes 32 bait refills. 1 Bait Block kills up to 12 mice Based on no-choice laboratory testing. Weather resistant station; for use both indoors and outdoors. Child and dog resistant station.

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