Monday, November 24, 2014

Hot Wheels Marvel Avengers Die-Cast Vehicle (5-Pack)

What's not to like about Hot Wheels?  This five pack of Avengers "wheels" will thrill your average three year old to infinity and beyond.   I don't put an upper age limit on Hot Wheels as I clearly recollect running parallel Hot Wheel tracks from our apartment across the foyer and into the apartment across the hall and then having very serious Hot Wheel races.  Since everyone on the floor was in their twenties there may have been adult beverages in play.   Frivolity and competitiveness ran supreme!   So Hot Wheels that appeal to the older player with a movie or TV connection to the Avengers will probably appreciate this set.  

·                        Inspired by Marvel's hit Avengers film
·                        Delivers 5 of the coolest Avenger themed die-cast collectible vehicles
·                        1:64 scale die-cast vehicles with unifying themes in each package
·                        A must have for any Marvel Avengers or Hot Wheels collector
·                        Includes 5 Avengers themed Hot Wheels cars per pack

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