Friday, November 28, 2014

PLAYMOBIL Great Asian Castle

More than just some assembly required. 

This castle looked perfect for a grandson who already has two castles and this fits right in with the theme.   (BTW he has a 4'x16' foam board castle in my garage with an 8' tower and a original 4'x8' painting of a dragon storming a castle on one wall.)   So it is obvious there is a strong fantasy theme prevailing.

Finished product, more than 60 minutes. 
My initial reaction when I opened the box and discovered it was a DIY was not positive.  However my subsequent thoughts were that for an industrious 5 year old who enjoys puzzles this was actually better.   I would note that the 60 minute time frame suggested for assembly would be for an adult with no oversight by a 5 year old.   Maintaining focus for complete assembly could be problematic. 

The quality is good and typical of my experience with the brand.   I was personally disappointed in the dragon, which I expected to be larger and more ferocious.   Overall my impression is very positive but and this is a pretty large but, I think it is very pricey, at my time of review $137 at Amazon.  If that does not dissuade you, this is a gift that would appear to offer a lot of play time. 

From the vendor: 
·                        The Great Asian Castle is protected by a fierce fire-breathing dragon
·                        The yellow dragon can guard the castle from the attachable landing platform
·                        The functioning portcullis keeps unwanted visitors out, while the hidden trap door catches intruders
·                        In a secret cave, kids can hide the sacred dragon fire, which lights up!
·                        Includes four figures, helmets, shields and additional battle gear, skeleton, torches, flags and other accessories

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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