Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nike Be Ashamed Of Jordon 6 RipOFF

Nike released Jordan 6 Carmine VI Retro Nike Air Jordan Carmine VI 6 today.   They obviously released a very limited number to create a demand situation.  Now you would think that $170 for a pair of sneakers is flat out ludicrous and you would be right.   But WAIT!  It gets worse, Nike claims to limit sales of the shoes to one pair per online user.   'Splain to me then how they are immediately up on EBay in quantity at a price that is at least $100.00 or more than retail.   You can't tell me that something isn't fishy about the whole scam.   Nike is supposedly a reputable company but this process certainly casts some serious doubts as to their veracity.   Picture the teenager who gets up early and patiently waits to beginning clicking buy on the Nike site and said teen has no chance to get a shoe at the ridiculously stupid retail price but then is driven to look at sites such as EBay to pay an even more ridiculous price.

We are a capitalistic society and I expect businesses to generate a profit.  What Nike is doing is establishing a secondary despicable black market to gouge impressionable teens.   Shame on you Nike, why don't you actually honor your policy of one to a customer, sell to the kids that are generating the buzz and cut the speculators out of the picture.   Frankly I have a pair of Nike golf shoes and I buy Nike golf balls but this sneaker crap has totally teed me off.   I will not be buying any more Nike products and I will be denounce their products at ever opportunity.   Preying on kids is despicable, Shame on you Nike.  Michael Jordon, you should be ashamed too for letting them ruin your good name!

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