Friday, May 23, 2014

Midland ER300 Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM FM Digital NOAA Weather Radio with Cree LED Flashlight and USB Charger Output

Versatile, comes to mind with this little unit. It has AM/FM/Weather bands. It was a bit difficult trying to find a weather band but I finally was able to tune one in. The versatility is impressive, it comes with a hefty LI battery as well as a space for double AA batteries. I charged the Lithium battery with the included USB cable. I ran the flashlight on high output for 5 hours and still had one bar left on the battery. I used the hand crank and was able to recharge the battery. I also set the unit on the window sill and saw that the solar panel also works as advertised. I hope I never need the morse code signal. I may use the dog alert to annoy the neighbors dog when it is barking. LOL. This also incorporates a siren and flashing alert for bad weather that I have not yet and hope never to experience. It is a great item to have considering all the power outages the past winter.  Topping off the impressive features is another really nice feature is that you can charge your cell phone from this unit. That feature makes it over the top for emergencies!

·              AM/FM NOAA Weather Alert Radio
·              Charge 3 Ways: Hand Crank, USB, or Solar Panel
·              Rechargeable Lithium Ion 2000mAh Battery
·              Powerful Flashlight with Cree LED
·              Charge External Devices
·              SOS Morse Code Flashlight beacon
·              Ultra Sonic Dog Whistle
·              Battery Backup Option with 6 ”AA” Batteries (Not Included)
·              Digital Clock
·              Large bright Backlit LCD
·              Rotatable Telescopic Antenna
·              Large bright Backlit LCD
·              Headphone Jack
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