Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crayola Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem

This is a cute set.  Every kid seems to love dinosaurs.   This kit has two dinosaurs and two volcanoes.  The idea is to make things to destroy with the molding clay and then destroy them with your dinosaurs and flying boulders from your volcanoes.   The boulder flying part is pretty lame but it does work.  For sheer destruction you are dependent on your dinosaurs.  The dinos are sturdy and will no doubt survive long after the rest of the kit has died.   The provided molds are not terribly sturdy but imagination will allow the kids to create things besides what the molds suggest.   I don't know how often the Morphix (modeling clay) will hold up.  As with most products such as this, keeping it clean will no doubt extend the life of the product.  

A nice toy that should generate enthusiasm with the four to six age range.

From the Vendor:

What's in the Box

Two dinosaur figures, two volcano launchers, three 8-ounce tubs of Morphix, 19 molds, and play mat.
At a Glance:
·                     Create and destroy a city skyline with dino figures and molds
·                     Two volcanoes launch boulders
·                     Make vehicles, buildings and more with 19 Morphix molds
·                     Colorful play mat brings the city to life
·                     Connects to other Create2Destroy Sets

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