Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Levi's Men's 514 Straight Jean Need A Much Clearer Part Number and Color Marked ON the Jeans

Not Me

The jeans fit exactly how I expected.  I had purchased what I thought was the same pair of jeans at Costco for ten dollars more than the price I got  at Amazon for  $26.40.   I tried to get all the correct numbers off of the label and order the exact same thing  at Amazon.  Levi has a very difficult to decipher part number.  They also have a wide range of colors.  If I am buying a new pair of jeans, I prefer them looking like new jeans, I will add the wear as I wear them.   The one I got from Amazon are the same color every where but on the thighs which have that slightly faded look.  Since they fit so well I kept them but I was disappointed that they were not exactly what I wanted.  However at the price I couldn't turn them down. 

A plea to Levi, you have all kinds of labels and printing on the inside of the jeans,  how about putting a clear reorder number and or color name so if you want the same exact jeans again, it is easy to order them.  

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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