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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MicroTouch ONE Razor Review

Déjà Vu, This is the type of razor I started shaving with 50 years ago.  The razor’s literature cautions you on the blades, how sharp they are and how important it is to safely dispose of the blades.  In fact at that time it was common to have a slot in the wall mounted medicine cabinet that opened on the dead space between walls.  When your blade became dull, you slipped the blade into the slot and it dropped between the walls.  Considering 18” centers on the studs and back then 2”x4” studs actually measured 2”x4”, you had a space 18” wide by 4”deep and approximately 60” high.   Think about how many razor blades would fit in that space.  If I still lived there, I could easily keep adding razor blades into the wall.   Enough history.

Day 1
It took a few minutes to get back into the short stroke type of shaving.  With the multi-bladed razor you slowly pull down in long even strokes with the thought that the multiple blades then catch the hairs multiple times.   With a single blade you do short, repetitive strokes.   I considered trying to find shaving soap for my Dad’s antique shaving mug and brush which I still have.   Instead I used normal sensitive skin shaving cream.  

It seemed like it took a lot longer to shave.  The short repetitive strokes seemed more time consuming.  I also felt more pull than I normally feel on a new blade.   Feeling my face several hours after shaving, I don’t feel as if I got as close a shave with the single blade. 

Day 1 conclusions: 
            It seemed to pull more than the multi-blade razor I normally use.
            The shave does not seem as close.
            It took longer to shave.

Day 2:
            It definitely takes longer to shave with this razor.
            It still is not as close a shave even with the increased time shaving.
Day 3:
No change, it is ok but not the revolution that the manufacturer is touting.

Day 4:
I find it hard not to put my finger on the shaft but the instructions are clear on how to hold the razor.   I’m not loving this razor.  It is adequate, better than my electric but not as good as my multi-blade razor.  

Day 5:
Not happy with my shave today. Spent a lot of time and still didn’t get a clean shave.  I will put in a new blade for tomorrow.  I would thing with a double edge you should get a week out of a blade but maybe not.

Day 6:
            Put a new blade in and the shave improved.  Still takes longer to shave.

Day 7:
            Tried shorter strokes, still not a good shave.


The razor build quality is excellent.  The shave quality is not as good as the multi-blade system I have been using.   I got a better shave with this razor than I get with my electric or with the throw away, one use disposable razor.  I did not get as good a shave as I do with my four blade system.  I tried to follow all the recommendations in the instructions regarding softening my beard and how to hold the razor to no avail.  The shave just wasn’t as good as my old razor.  
If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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