Friday, October 25, 2013

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 16-inch DigiPro Brushless Chainsaw

Not being a chain saw aficionado, I will probably offend those of you who use a chain saw daily.   I use a chain saw infrequently.  Normally no more often than twice a year unless we have had stormy weather and if it is really stormy and I lose six trees simultaneously (3 years ago) then I call my tree guy.  

I do not use a chain saw on a ladder. If I can’t have two feet on the ground I don’t use it.  Now that I have established my credentials, I like this little saw.   It is very well made.  It is replacing an equally small electric chain saw.   I don’t intend to fell forests with it, but when the occasional tree does come down, this appears that it will be able to handle it.  With that said, I am not planning on cutting down one of my trees to merely test it.   It came with very good instructions, a charger and a battery.  

I called the 800 number to verify that there truly is a human being answering the phone and fielding questions.  I asked if I needed to buy expensive bar and chain lubricant and I was assured a good quality, NEW not used, 10w-30 would work just fine.  

For some reason it runs even quieter than my electric chain saw.  It has a nice tension knob that should be a feature on my electric chain saw but isn’t.  Screw driver and two wrenches were needed to change the tension on my old saw.  This has a handy dandy little knob to adjust the tension.

Overall without felling a tree, it cuts better than the old electric chain saw (perhaps the brand new chain could be a factor there), it is quieter and much more user friendly. (the tension knob)   In addition, I was able to get technical support immediately and she was friendly and informative.   As far as I am concerned good customer service should weigh heavily on any purchasing decision.  

This appears it will give me good service and with a lithium battery, it should give me good life.  The battery and charger are warranted for two years and the saw is warranted for four.   That is hard to beat.

4/2/14 UPDATED
After returning from Florida, I had a lot of limbs down, some 10" in diameter.  It has been five months since I tested the chain saw.  I figured I would have to charge the battery but I popped it into the saw and the green light came on so off I went.   I cut for approximately 45 minutes with no hassles whatsoever.  The battery held a charge for five months in the ice cold garage.   That is pretty darn impressive. 

From the Vendor:

Includes 40-volt 4Ah battery plus charger

  • Brushless motor technology offers longer motor life
  • Up to 30 percent more torque, and up to 70 percent less vibration
  • Long-lasting G-MAX 40-volt lithium-ion battery system
  • Cuts up to one cord of wood per charge
  • Interchangeable battery platform offers a complete lawn care solution -- one battery for 10 tools
  • No hazardous fumes or smell while working
  • Less heat exhaustion with lower heat emission during cutting for a better cutting experience
  • Low maintenance, no need to mix oil and gas
If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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