Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fulcrum 30100-308 MiniGo Motion Sensor LED Light

Light at top, motion sensor at bottom.

This is actually cleverer than I expected.  It does detect motion and it does turn off in 20 seconds if the motion stops.  I can see it would be ideal for travel and strange rooms.  Set it on the night stand pointing away from the bed and if you needed to get it up you would have light.   It also would be good for the elderly or others who might need to take a pill at night, you would have no need to fumble to turn on a light, a simple motion would provide enough light to see what you are doing.  It comes with multiple methods of mounting provide you want to do a semi-permanent mount.   This is an excellent travel accessory.  My only complaint is the ridiculously difficult to open packaging.  The plastic, sealed, clamshell packaging cries out for replacement with a consumer friendly package. 

· Includes both motion activated auto on/off or manual operation for tasks and emergencies
·  Three ways to use/mount: quick release mounting bracket with door strap, magnetic backing, adhesive strip (supplied) or screws (supplied)
·  LED Floodlight Technology provides ultra-bright, glare free illumination making it energy efficient
·  Compact size makes it portable - perfect for travel, tasks and emergencies
·  Perfect for seniors, college students, travelers, home and office

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