Thursday, November 22, 2012

IOGEAR's 12-in-1 Pocket Card Reader / Writer

I plugged this into my Win7 system and it was seen and functional in about 60 seconds.   For whatever reason my old reader was incompatible with Win7 so it was nice to have that flexibility of use again.  Of course my machine has a SD card slot that worked just fine until one of those overnight Microsoft auto-updates and now it doesn’t work.  Microsoft states stoutly that it must be some other issue since their auto update couldn’t have done anything damaging.   I know it didn’t hurt the hardware but as far as the driver is concerned there is a problem and I have the most recent driver from ACER.   So I bought this tiny little reader for a whopping $8.00 on Amazon rather than waste any more time trying to fix a MS generated problem. 
Description from IOGears site:
IOGEAR's 12-in-1 Pocket Card Reader / Writer is an ideal solution for hi-speed, bi-directional image and data file transfer between your computer and multimedia devices. Images and data can be downloaded directly to your PC or Mac from your memory cards without using additional adapters. It works with 12 popular memory card formats such as SD, SDHC, microSD, microSDHC, Mini SD, MMC, Memory Stick, and MS Duo. With direct USB 2.0 high-speed file transfer (up to 480Mbps) from memory cards used in your cell phone, MP3 player, or digital camera, you can save time and conserve power on devices. It instantly transfers your slotMusic™ songs to your PC or Mac. No matter where you go, IOGEAR's 12-in-1 Pocket Card Reader / Writer helps you to easily bring your digital images and data with you.
 3-Slot,(Max) Suport memory card
• SDHC(32G) / Mini SDHC(4G) / SDXC (64G) / MMC(4G)

• Micro SDHC (8G) / M2 (16G / need adapter)

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