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Friday, April 6, 2012

Replacement Window Buyers Be Aware!

 Note, be aware not beware.   Replacement windows can be a very positive thing for your older home.   Depending on your builder, your home doesn’t have to be that old to have leaky and rattling windows.   If you have plans to resell in the near future or even a piece down the road you may want to consider replacement windows if your windows leak and rattle.  

If you are planning a near time sale, you may even get the cost of the windows out of your sale.  Note, MAY!  What new windows may also do is get your property sold before the next one that still has leaky, rattling windows. 

If your sale plans are further ahead, you may reap the benefits of new windows through lower energy costs.  You have probably noted the overuse of MAY in this post.   May is used because no one, especially realtors and window sales people can guarantee you that replacement windows will make your house sell faster, for more money or even save you money in energy.   They may verbally praise the benefits but don’t hold your breath waiting for a guarantee.   They can guarantee the glass, the frame, the installation ad nauseam.   They can’t guarantee the purchase will actually be worthwhile.

In addition, the be aware part is to be aware that the replacement window game is fraught with peril.   Google replacement windows, any manufacturer and you will find hundreds of complaints.   Doesn’t appear to matter whose name you input, you will find complaints.   

Then there is the pricing issue.   A highly advertised Window Renewal company quoted one neighbor $36,000.00 to replace 20 windows but if they signed on the salesman’s first visit, they would drop the price to $30,000.00.   That works out to $1500.00 per window.   On the other end of the spectrum, a local contractor quoted $330.00 per window installed.  Visually the windows looked identical from 10 feet away.   I am not qualified to tell you they were or were not similar.   I can tell you they looked similar.  

How does the happy home owner make a decision?  I have mentioned in this forum in prior posts I have owned several small businesses.   I believe in small businesses.   My recommendation is that you get quotes from local, small businesses if you need replacement windows.   Preferably you can find small businesses with some longevity behind them.   Ask your neighbors and friends if they had their windows done and were they satisfied.  

My very unscientific survey of replacement window complaints seemed to indicate the bulk of the complaints were regarding poor installation.  That would seem to indicate that you want a local small business that you can check on their work and find them afterward if you are not happy.

I know this seems like common sense but when quotes on similar products range from $1500.00 per window to $330.00 per window, as a buyer you better BE AWARE!

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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