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Monday, February 13, 2012


DropBox Extends Free Storage Limit

If you're not already "in the know" about DropBox, you should be. It’s a free remote data storage service that allows you to save all of your files and documents so that you can access them from any computer—no need for a flash drive. It's exceptionally convenient and stores a pretty good amount of files too— 2GB of storage space to be exact. But for those who already have a Dropbox account and are itching for more data space, account users can earn up to a whopping 4.5GB of additional data storage space, again, for free. The catch? The file-sharing service wants your photos. No worries, it's not going to do anything with them. Rather, it's just trying to build up a new feature which is still in its beta stage that allows users to automatically upload video and photos on to his or her account. For helping the new feature take flight, those that participate get additional storage space as a reward. That said, to learn a bit more how to earn the maximum amount of free data storage space, continue reading below.

Download Latest Beta Build

The first thing you need to do is create a backup of your Dropbox folder—doesn’t matter if you create a zip file of the folder and save it on your desktop, just make sure you create a backup. You don't want to risk losing all of your files when installing the beta build. Once your backup folder is secure, go ahead and download and install the latest 1.3.4 beta build from the DropBox Experimental Forum.

Import Photos

After installation is complete, all you have to do is import your photos. There are several ways of doing this: Dropbox can scan your digital camera, smartphone, or memory card for content. Your images will then be automatically uploaded onto the site and will save it in a new folder. Note that you won't be allowed to click and choose which photos get uploaded from your device. All of the photos will go through. But you need quite a bit of photos. This is because for every 500MB worth of images you upload, that same amount of free storage space will matched and applied to your account. Granted, you cannot earn more than 4.5GB of additional space.


The beta version currently isn't available for as Mac OS X 10.4 and Linux users. In addition, Auto Play will automatically run for OS users.


This guest post is contributed by Katheryn Rivas, who writes on the topics of online universities advice. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: katherynrivas87@gmail.com.

BTW I do use DropBox and I have been pleased with it, I will be trying this new feature.


BTW I did try the new feature and when they say Beta, they mean it. I uploaded the requisite size photo files and all it did was fill my existing space. I did not get any additional space. So be aware that the photo aspect is a Beta and I did not experience it actually working.

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