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Friday, February 17, 2012

4 Kid Birthday Parties on a Budget

However old your child is turning, it’s another year and another dollar to celebrate. No matter what age here are a few ideas and tips to keep in mind before you send out those invites:

Park Party: A park makes a nice fun and easy setting for a birthday party. There is no cost and lots of space for the kids to run around. Bring bread to feed the ducks, blow bubbles and bring a few sports balls. The best part is there is no clean up in your home!

Super Hero Party: Little boys and girls love their superheroes! Host in your home and have everyone (including parents) dress up as their favorite superhero. Think of activities like ‘Best Costume Contest’ and superhero power contest (paint whiffle balls neon green and call it kryptonite, see who you can throw the farthest or use their super power mind to guess what object is in a box, give hints.)

Board Games and Pizza Party: Host at your home and place all board games out on the center of the table (great for a centerpiece idea). Depending on how many guests you can split into teams and have several games going on. Already using games you have will save you on spending any more money. Order some pizza and you are set.

Pool Party: Pool parties are everyone’s favorite. Most pools offer a VERY low cost for guests to come in and swim. Set up the food and presents on a picnic table and watch the kids splash around. Most pools offer all the entertainment supplies that you need like floats, squirt guns and noodles. Don’t forget the sunscreen and towel!

Tips for further savings:

· Invites: There are plenty of websites with free birthday designs, fill out online and print from home. Or if you want to make it even more personable and fun have your child help you make invites for their guests.

· Décor: Depending on your theme, balloons are the way to go. Match colors to your theme that you want and instant decorations. Want to save money on the helium? Blow up balloons and place a marble inside and hang upside down. As far as the rest, skip the specialty napkins and paper plates; no one really pays attention to those. Save money and get the cheap solid colored ones.

· Food: Think pizzas, hamburgers and hotdogs or sandwiches. A few bags of chips and food is done! As far as the birthday desert, skip the fancy store bought birthday cake and make your own cupcakes. Depending on what theme you choose you can decorate the cupcakes accordingly.

· Party Favors: Keep it simple and small; think a few pieces of wrapped candy, a bottle of bubbles or stickers. Check out your local dollar store for ideas!

Keep in mind, it is ok if you don’t throw your kid a large party with all the extravagant things that other kids in the neighborhood have. Keep your guest list small and just have fun! Happy Birthday Planning!

Author Bio:

This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet providers in my area. You can reach her at: laurabackes8 @ gmail.com.

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