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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Politicians: Nabobs of Nuttiness

The season of silliness seems to be upon us. Every Billy Bob and Reginald “I went to Harvard so I’m special” blithering idiot is declaring their candidacy for President. Apparently the main criterion for a Presidential candidate is the ability to shoot off your mouth at the least provocation.

It doesn’t matter which party affiliation is ranting, it seems they feel their animal symbols are best served by speaking from the nether regions rather than the donkey/elephants’ mouth. There is a disturbing amount of noxious gas already being propagated. Dirt, Smear and Innuendo seems to be the law firm vetting the “candidates” verbiage.

Our President (meaning our, the entire nations, including the Nabobs of Nuttiness) is not perfect. He is however the President and even if you disagree with his policies it is important to remember that the office, in and of it self deserves respect.

I personally think you have to be some what demented to want the office. No matter what you say, no matter where or when you were born or brought up, one of the Nabobs will denigrate the fact.

My plea to the Nabobs of Nuttiness is to make every effort to focus on the issues. Recognize the fact that the bulk of governmental decisions are made either by Congress or the glacial bureaucracy it has created. Stop the personal attacks and “man up” to the need for civility and honesty in politics. I realize that hoping for honesty and civility is oxymoronic when paired with politics but at one point we were told that man would never reach the moon and we got there. (Albeit we have lacked the fortitude and foresight to go back but that is another issue.)

Surely in a nation that is primarily literate and informed we can run a Presidential campaign without grotesque negativity.

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