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Sunday, August 23, 2009

U S Airways Adds Wifi to 14% Of Their Fleet

I find it interesting that US Air is touting their addition of WiFi as something to brag about. They haven’t flatly stated they are going to charge for use of the WiFi. Come on, these are the people who are charging for luggage, adding on fuel surcharges well after the price of oil has dropped, who charges for water and if you were on fire, would probably charge you for the use of a fire extinguisher. (Note, I know fire isn’t funny but this is an expression of sarcasm in the midst of a lament over a sad loss of customer service.)

U S Air may find that their formerly loyal passengers can not be dissuaded from trying to find a friendly sky by adding WiFi. Perhaps adding some concern for passengers, treating them with dignity, adding a modicum of customer support and stop acting like a monopoly could get some of us to return to U S Air. I doubt it, they are trapped in the downward spiral of diminishing services with rising prices that most of the other airlines are exhibiting with the notable exception of Southwest. I am taking 5 trips in the near future and the only one I am going to subject my self to flying is to California. The rest of the trips I am driving. I would have flown those trips in the past. I hate to drive but I despise paying out substantial money for flights and then be treated like an annoyance. Perhaps sometime in the future an airline will treat passengers like valued customers and I will want to fly again.

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