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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spyware, Alive, Thriving and Still Crapware

Windows Security Suite is another piece of crapware floating out there. My daughter's laptop was infected with that insidious piece of trash. It is put out by one of those sleazy companies that infect your system and then want you to buy their software to clean off the infection they gave you. Somehow it got by Ad-Aware and AVG. I updated her Ad-Aware and it still didn't get it. I ran CCCleaner and that didn't get it. Finally I downloaded SpyBot-Search and Destroy. That nailed the sneaky little creep. Of course some other sleazeball will come up with a new one. Luckily there is some justice, a local sleaze merchant was busted and indicted for exactly this scam. Infect the system and then sell the cleaning tool. It was nice to know that he went to jail. Here is hoping that more of these computer vandals are hoisted on their own petards. I always liked that little turn of phrase, it seems so painful. Bottom line Spybot-Search and Destroy worked. I guess it is time for me to do another donation to them, it is a free program, supported by donations and I have never seen it pulling any fraudulent crap. Good luck in surfing the ever more frequently polluted internet.

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